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In his words: Wabash coach revels in Monon Bell victory

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Raeburn has best success rate in series history

Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 6:33 pm

Wabash head coach Erik Raeburn has figured out the Monon Bell rivalry against DePauw. Following his team's 38-21 victory Saturday, he took a moment to talk with the News-Sentinel about the game and winning five straight in the series.

On winning five straight:

'Well, means a ton. Obviously really happy for our seniors, their the second class in a row that's going to graduate from Wabash having never lost a Bell. It's huge for them, huge for all the seniors at Wabash to be able to graduate having the Bell all four years. I never get tired (of hearing the Bell), I love it."

On coming out passing versus using it's usual rushing attack:

"We felt like they were really going to pack it in to stop the run. Felt we needed to be balanced and thought we did a great job of that. (Quarterback) Michael (Putko) played really well. Think at halftime was 11-of-14, really efficient. Obviously, getting the passing game

going in that first half was critical."

On defensive penalties leading to two DePauw scores:

"You know, just foolish by us. Two weeks a in a row now where defensively we just make a senseless penalty, so just keeps extending drives for their offense and makes it tough for them to get off the field."

On being 5-1 in Bell Games:

“Obviously this game is critical. All losses are devastating, but you know a loss in the Bell Game is 10 times worse, and so I've obviously been happy for our players and our students and our fans these last five years. Hopefully we have a good offseason in the weight room and recruiting and try to keep it going.”

On receiver Sean Hildebrand's game (125 yards receiving, two touchdowns):

"Felt like Sean is a good player and obviously losing him early in the game last week (a 35-17 loss to Wittenberg) hurt us to not have hm out there. ... He's capable of putting up those big numbers and he had a great day today."