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Letter to the editor: Wise proverbs

Monday, November 18, 2013 - 8:39 am

One proverb insists that one should not use a new patch to repair an old garment. It has never worked well, so most people don’t try it.

There are notable exceptions, of course, like President Obama and the purveyors of hope and harbingers of change who continue to rip our social fabric apart with patchwork that has never worked; redistribution here, regulation there and re-education everywhere. These agents of fundamental transformation use the failures of the past to unlock doors and to a glorious future. Tragically, the change they produce is more transmogrification than transformation. Another proverb warns us not to rob Peter to pay Paul. Harming Peter to help Paul may also cause more problems than it solves. Unfortunately, it has become standard government procedure to discriminate for the self-proclaimed poor and against the demonized rich. Taking money away from those who earned it and know how to use it and giving it to those who have not demonstrated much financial common sense passes for “social justice.” But in the long run, it will not help anyone except those who oversee it.

John Ribar