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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letter to the editor: An open letter to those running the United States government

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 12:01 am
I suppose I should be saying, “Congratulations on preventing complete chaos in our dear country, again.” However…My words are a little different. Who in the dickens do you think you are? You act like a bunch (all of you) of self-centered, uneducated, thoughtless, money-grabbing, lazy, murderous idiots (or nincompoops).

What an embarrassment you are to us, your “beloved citizens” of this country. You are especially noting the word murderous.

Ladies and gentlemen — and I wonder about this terminology — are you aware that you constantly raise the blood pressure and drive the people of this country to distraction with the everlasting behavior of a 2-year-old child. No, I should not put down the 2-year-old.

In case you do not know it, continuous high blood pressure is a prime cause, eventually leading to serious illness and death. This is most likely in the senior years of our lives and the lives of the physically or mentally challenged. I would not doubt you, literally, have contributed considerable damage to the health of this great nation.

It seems you are more interested in providing money to other countries and your pet projects and glorifying your names, instead of sensible spending. You think of lining your own pockets before you give back to seniors the money they worked hard to accumulate with Social Security.

You concoct a manner of assessing the lowest possible cost-of-living increases possible, i.e., an increase in monthly benefits under Social Security of only 1.5 percent, while you vote yourselves a 33 percent raise and grab every possible benefit you can invent for yourselves.

Most of you tote higher education in our resumes. You wouldn’t know it, when you “don’t even know how to play well with others.” This is the most elementary grading in early education.

You go about with your heads in clouds. You are the “elite” with “I’m the best” attitudes. I guess the money grabbing comes in all around.

First, it is for your own pockets to spend or stockpile, then comes the spending of “our” money for bridges to nowhere and such projects, just to make you look good to the people who have voted you into office.

Then comes the misguided distribution of the taxpayers’ money to others around the world, before you take care of those in need here at home and those serving in our armed forces.

Our country is not a bottomless pit of money for every problem around the world. Look at other countries. They gauge if and how much they can afford before they shell out tremendous monies from their treasuries. You are more interested in making sure you get off on your numerous vacations, as well as dream up reasons to spend our money on trumped up reasons to visit places around the world.

What does that have to do with providing for the welfare of the people here at home? And, when it comes to illegal immigrants, if they don’t have money or stature, only then are they deported. They take unearned benefits from the rest of us and say they deserve it. Frankly, I do not favor the catering to illegals or to those not learning our language.

Through generations, people coming to this country were expected to learn and speak English.

Idiots? If you tried to pass the tests of what the American public would be proud to call our representatives, you would flunk high and wide. What a ridiculous bunch of individuals you are, when you cannot work together for the common good of the people who elected you to represent them.

In short, there is a wide consensus in this country that the whole bunch of you should be “fired” and be permanently denied the opportunity of being in public office ever again. You certainly have not earned the wages and benefits given you. If any other persons in this country performed in their jobs as you have, they would have been out of a job quicker than you could blink.

The foregoing may seem disrespectful of those in authority. There is respect of an office, but individual respect has to be earned and actions maintained to deserve it, and you certainly have not come close to that.

Think about it. What do you have to say for yourselves that makes any sense whatsoever? You have a lot of answering to do to the people of this country.

Jean Franke

New Haven


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