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Letter to the editor: Letter to Pence

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 12:01 am

Dear Gov. Pence,

It wasn’t enough that you fomented borderline anarchic acrimony; your hubris compelled you to present a “Can’t we all get along?” pose, hoping the public would remain oblivious to the blood of democracy dripping from your sanctimonious hands. Truly, you must consider the state of Indiana fool enough to fall for your trickery. Speak in circles all you please; 1.3 million voters know you are the ringleader.

Indiana is not a stepping stone to the White House; your error was mistaking your office for a throne.

In plainer speak, we (the citizens of a state you claim to represent) know your SBOE is a bald-faced attempt to undermine the duties of an elected official. This same informed citizenry can’t help but wonder if CECI stands for Cronies Enabling Corporate Invasion. We, the 1.3 million voters who elected (not appointed) Glenda Ritz to shepherd Indiana’s public education, are disgusted to our core by your transparently petulant antics. Our only hope is you take your impending defeat like the man you think you are.

Stephen Eric Bryden, voter