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Letter to the editor: Hoping for change

Friday, November 29, 2013 - 12:01 am

Did the Senate think at all about what will happen when they are no longer in power? Are they sure their agenda is more important than keeping our system like it is? I know there is gridlock now, and the way Washington is it will be there as long as we keep the same people in Washington.

I see Sen. JoeDonnely is doing like he always has in keeping in step for President Obama. Where is the independence he promised? Talk about a slippery slope, we are now heading for disaster in my thinking, and I know many think differently, but we need to remember and get out and vote the next election to let Washington know how we feel.

Yes the other states will re-elect their people who have been there for many years, so change might not happen. But we need to set an example and not be influenced by which party we support and other states.

Ralph Klinker