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Letter to the editor: Why are some city clergy acquiescing to pop culture?

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 12:01 am

To city clergy:

First, let me clarify. Everyone is made in God’s image, but that does not mean everyone is a child of God. A child of God is one who accepts and follows God’s law and rules.

Second, what do you mean “religious traditions teach us to engage in the slow and demanding work of transformation”? What are you transforming people into? Clergy is charged with the responsibility of transforming people into the likeness of Jesus, who yielded completely to his father’s will, even to death on the cross. You are not charged with transforming people into the likeness of the pop culture and their idea of marriage. Homosexual behavior is clearly improper behavior, according to God’s law. People who chose to engage in this behavior are clearly breaking God’s law. So instead of acquiescing to pop culture’s view of marriage, clergy (all clergy) should organize to challenge pop culture’s definition and help transform this lifestyle into actual children of God. Employer-provided benefits should be left to the company or institution providing employment.

I have mixed emotions on HJR-6 in that it is a poorly worded resolution. However, there is a much deeper and broader agenda present here. Ironically, it is necessary to destroy the faith foundation of our country in order to gain control of its people. It begs the question, why are some clergy helping in this effort?

Judith Ross