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In his words: Purdue coach talks on home victory

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Painter wants better post action

Saturday, December 7, 2013 - 9:12 pm

WEST LAFAYETTE - Purdue men's basketball coach Matt Painter spoke with the media on a number of topics related to his team's 69-64 victory over Eastern Michigan on Saturday at Mackey Arena.

Here is what the veteran coach had to say:

On his Saturday night plans:

"I've got to go recruiting, so let's keep this (press conference) short."

On gaining confidence through winning:

"Anytime that you can be down that much in the second half and be able to come back and win, it gives your team confidence. We've been in some close games and had some success.

"Hopefully, we can build off of that. We've had some people play well in (those close games."

On Purdue's offensive attack:

"Eastern Michigan did a really good job of keeping the ball out of (A.J. Hammons and Jay Simpson's) hands. But once again, we've got to do a better job of our guards getting the ball to them, I thought. But when they do get them the ball, the defense collapses on them.

"There's a reason why people zone (defense) us. Obviously, Eastern Michigan zones all of the time. They are trying to neutralize (our big guys) and keep them out of the mix."

On the play of freshman Kendall Stephens:

"Kendall really helped us (offensively) to start with. He took a couple of shots in the first half that we're ill-advised. You'd like to have those possessions back. In the second half, he had about three possessions that way.

"I told him that it wasn't 'Hot-potato.' You have to probe the defense and get a good shot for Purdue. And then he subbed back in and did the same thing. He's got to learn, just because you're a good shooter, it doesn't give you the right just to take a good shot anytime that you want it.

"But Kendall does stretch the defense for us against a zone. But we just have to have more discipline and patience."