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Letter to the editor: Black Friday in the USA is a tradition

Monday, December 9, 2013 - 8:49 am

Seeing people lined up for Black Friday deals across the United States brings back the refugee memories — even though lines are not anywhere close to (those with) refugees lined up with ration cards.

In Indiana I have seen people cry due to the weather.

I am amazed by what brave souls line up for the Black Friday deals regardless of unbearable weather in Fort Wayne — it sends a message that you go after what’s best for you.

The Black Friday lines take me back to my memories of refugee camps in Kenya.

I admit it’s a good thing such a day exists in America — yes, Black Friday gives me a chance to enjoy some of America’s wonderful traditions, a chance to feel that I am part of the culture and shall celebrate always. Have I forgotten the invitations from friends wanting me to attend Thanksgiving dinners? It is a wonderful feeling to see families smiling at each other.

May I find much more Americanism as I wonder and adapt to this wonderful American culture.

Yahya Salah Moburuk