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Cheap Shots: Mariners win overpaying championship

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Also, what's up with the Los Angeles Pouters?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 5:24 am

Robinson Cano underwent a physical examination Monday to complete his 10-year, $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners. Mariners front-office personnel were, inexplicably, not scheduled for a mental-health examination.

You know you're overpaying for a player when even the Yankees think it's way too much money.

Go stand in the corner, then shoot a three

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers criticized his players for “pouting” in a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday. Some of the Clippers player disagreed with his characterization, so they stomped their feet, took their basketballs and went home.

Duck! Ducks!

The University of Oregon will discipline football players who participated in a snowball fight on campus that included stopping cars and dumping containers of snow on windshields.

Their defense that they were just practicing icing the kicker won't hold water.

Buy these lousy shoes, please!

LeBron James has worn the new design of his shoes, Nike LeBron 11s, for only two full games this year. Instead, he's wearing last year's model. The new shoes “don't feel as great as I want them to feel,” James said.

Nike might not use his new slogan, "Just Do It With Your Old Pair."

Deja vu Chicago

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose says he won't rule out returning for the playoffs if his knee is healthy enough. On a related note, Bulls fans won't rule out having their hearts broken again next spring.

Right Choice for the job?

The Indianapolis Colts signed running back Tashard Choice on Monday. Good to hear. I used to spend a lot of time with Taster's Choice. Maybe the Colts got a real energizer.

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