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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letter to the editor: Is government doing what it should?

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Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:01 am
As we read our newspapers, listen to radio and TV, and talk to our neighbors, we fear that our nation is on a fast track to fall like Rome. We only have to quickly consider what has, and is, happening within our government these last several decades. It doesn't seem to be a Republican vs. Democrat anymore – it's about power and control.Consider the following:

•Energy programs and the many costly projects to solve “global warming” an unproven U.N. project.

•Out-of-control spending with increased taxes to cover the waste. Entitlements will disappear when we run out of people to tax.

•The Benghazi scandal without the government owning up to who to blame, and why.

•Secret spying on foreign governments and on our own citizens.

•Control of illegal immigration – to the benefit of our nation, not other nations or terrorists.

•Gun control programs disarm only the law-abiding citizen, to the benefit of the criminals who disregard the laws.

•Government assuming personal property through eminent domain for many projects.

•ACA/Obamacare presented as a “fair” way to control health insurance, but which seriously inhibits any incentive for improvements.

•The IRS scandals that applied their power to those they felt opposed the current administration and government programs.

•Weak foreign policy that has deteriorated our strength and standing in the world.

•Dangerously weakened military to the point we may be unable to defend ourselves or our allies from attack.

•Fraud in contracts and entitlements, unconstitutional projects and untruths about potential projects to get them approved.

These are just some of the areas that must be addressed.

If “we the people” allow this type of government to continue without making our wishes and expectations known, we can only blame ourselves for the results. America became a great nation because of its people with our Constitution as our guide. Let's not let our nation go the way of Rome.

It is every American's responsibility to inform themselves on what goes on with our lawmakers, and it is our duty to find and support representatives who we can trust to support the interests of America, and all Americans – not industries and special interests. Vote – but know what you are voting for.

Richard C. Rice



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