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Letter to the editor: Mayor loves to spend

Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 12:01 am

Members of the City Council: I am a resident taxpayer in Fort Wayne and a retired city police officer.

I know Rusty York is the best man our mayor could pick for the job on the board of safety. The mayor says it is only $55,000 added to the budget, but what about next year? Our mayor just likes to spend taxpayers’ money.

I and so many taxpayers are on a fixed income. Our insurance has gone up because of our federal government. Our medical, office calls and medication have all gone up. We are advised to adjust our budgets. Why doesn’t our mayor have to do the same?

Some ideas you people could suggest are 1. Do away with the assistant mayor (which the people did not elect); 2. Check into how many chiefs the police and fire departments are paying. There are way too many layers of supervision in both departments.

We taxpayers need your help because this mayor does not care how much he spends so he can get whatever he wants.

James R. Stahl