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Letter to the editor: Parents, churches must work together to teach kids purity

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 12:01 am

I found the column, “Birth control is a more controversial issue than it should be” (Linda Chavez, Nov. 27) to be interesting and intriguing.

(With regard to) your statement that sex before marriage has become the norm, with little pushback even from churches: Contrary to your belief, churches that believe and teach the Bible as God’s word and live as God wrote in the Scriptures spend their time, money and effort stressing the moral purity of men, women and children.

Pastors and church members use their hard-earned money to teach that the Bible speaks against premarital sex, for both those who are adults and those who are singles.

Yes children are supposed to obey the mores of their parents and their leaders. When teens become pregnant out of wedlock, parents and pastors are broken over this matter.

But it is not the sole responsibility of the churches, alone. Parents must encourage their children to study the Scriptures through the churches.

Young people should keep themselves from premarital sex. Preserve yourself for that one whom God has chosen for you. Birth control is not the answer to integrity in life.

Sex before marriage robs you of the privilege of obedience to God. Sexual purity prevents the unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual purity gives you the joy of knowing you are pleasing yourself, your parents and Almighty God and the joy of knowing that you are preserving your life for the one whom God will give to you “until death do you part.”

Dr. Otha Aden