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Letter to the editor: Reader's persistence finally finds baby Jesus

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 12:01 am

One recent evening I went to downtown Fort Wayne to see all the holiday decorations. As I drove around there were lots of bright beautiful lights, displays, Santas, wreaths, snowflakes, penguins (what do penguins have to do with Christmas?). Thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on lights. But wait. Someone was missing. Someone important.

So my quest to find him began in earnest. Up and down the streets I went.

Main Street, Wayne Street., Calhoun, Washington, Harrison. Not a glimpse of this VIP.

As with the three wise men, persistence was rewarded. On Berry Street there he was in front of the University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center.

Baby Jesus asleep in a manger. Finally, thank goodness!

I decided to resume my quest to see if anyone else remembered this most important person, the center of the season, the reason we celebrate. Happily, I did find a creche tucked in the corner window of the Indiana Hotel. Someone else (Dahm Bros.) cared enough to honor the true source of the season.

Fort Wayne, settled by Catholics, Lutherans and other Christians, the City of Churches, you have lost your way, tainted your soul with secularism.

Nancy Johnson