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Letter to the editor: Are gun laws aimed at criminals or rest of us?

Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 12:01 am

The Brady Campaign, originally called Handgun Control International, describes itself as a moderate voice of the Second Amendment and a supporter of “common sense” gun laws.

The District of Columbia had a law that in order to have a gun in your home, it had to be completely disassembled and the parts separated. Advantage to the armed burglar. This law was challenged and heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, Heller v. District of Columbia. The District of Columbia was represented by the Brady Group. The Court struck down the D.C. ordinance and upheld the Second Amendment.

Was the D.C. law a common-sense gun law? It is the view of the Brady group that the right to bear arms never existed and that the Second Amendment is a constitutional myth.

When it became legal to carry a gun in the national parks, the Brady organization, headed by ex-Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke, vigorously opposed this.

The first gun incident occurred when a woman was being mauled by a bear and a man shot and killed it. Helmke was on the side of the bear. Interestingly, national forests have required users be armed for a number of years.

It has been a position of the Brady Campaign to abhor historical military re-enactment groups as they “glorify the gun, and tend to instill patriotism in people.” Think of that.

If criminals disobey present gun laws, will they obey new ones? Or will the laws proposed by the Brady group and New York Mayor Bloomberg just be aimed at honest citizens?

John Steinbeck