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In his words: Colts QB Andrew Luck on offensive rhythm

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Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 6:18 pm

INDIANAPOLIS – Colts quarterback Andrew Luck led the team to its second-straight 11-win season with a blowout win over Jacksonville in the season finale.

Luck passed for 282 yards and one touchdown in the Colts' 30-10 win over the Jaguars on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

He increased his two-year total to 8,196 yards passing, the most in history for a quarterback in his first two seasons. He passed Cam Newton, who had 7,920.

Here is a transcript of Luck's postgame comments:

Have you guys discovered something with starting in the no-huddle?

“It's been good to us, it has. The up-tempo, the no-huddle's been good. We've practiced it since OTAs, we've always had it but it seems to be working now. I think that combined with being able to get in big people and get those third-and-shorts. Switch out personnel, different formations, up-tempo, I think it's good for our offense and it managed to work again today. So I guess we're executing well with it.”

How did it come about?

“I'm not sure the advent of it. We always practiced up-tempo. We always do two-minute drills and stuff. I can't specifically remember a meeting where we said we're going to do this or a conversation. I think it just sort of happened.”

Can you talk about you guys getting T.Y. Hilton more involved after a little dry spell? How important is it to get him going?

“Yeah, we know how dynamic he is and we talk a lot about how much of a playmaker he is. So if we can get the ball in his hands, good things happen. I think it's helped that Griff (Whalen) and Da'Rick (Rogers) and DHB (Darrius Heyward-Bey) and LaVon (Brazill) are doing such a good job as well. They're opening him up, and the tight ends and the running backs. We know the more you can spread the ball around, the better for T.Y. because the more he opens up I think.”

Did you feel that for a few weeks when T.Y. wasn't involved as much?

“Yeah, you do feel it because you know how much of a, at least I know in our locker room how much of a team guy he is and how involved he is in the offense. So when he's dry, per se, it can be tough.”

Do you feel like these past three games have been your best stretch of football as a team since early in the season when you won three in a row?

“Yeah, I do think so. I think there's a bit of a rhythm that we've found. And it's good. I'm glad we're playing decent football going into the postseason. We know the postseason's a whole different ball game and one-and-done, and we're excited about that. But to finish the regular season strong with these wins has been good.”

How big has the running game been in these last three wins?

“Yeah, huge. Statistically it may not jump out and pop out at you, but I think when you can run the ball and pick up some first downs and keep the defense on their heels, it's huge. A lot of credit to Donald (Brown) and Trent (Richardson) and the line for grinding away at it.”

Do you feel the offense is more aggressive in the no-huddle?

“I don't know if it's necessarily more aggressive than the other style of offense. I think we've executed well in it. We talk a lot, Pep (Hamilton), Clyde (Christensen) and I, and (Matt) Hasselbeck and (Chandler) Harnish, about being deliberate with the shots you take, making sure they're smart ones. And then I think that I've done a better job of that no matter the tempo, if it's two-minute or not, late in the season. So I don't think that's necessarily directly correlated with the up-tempo stuff.”

What do you remember about the playoffs last year and what can you take out of that experience?

“I remember you don't change a lot because certain things have gotten you this far, but there is a little bit of intensity and focus that ratchets up a bit. And you realize it's one-and-done and any team can beat any team on any given day. I'm thankful we got a game at home, I think that's solidified. I'm not sure what else is around, but to play at home in front of our fans will be great. We'll lean on Robert Mathis and Antoine Bethea and Reggie (Wayne) because they've won the Super Bowl, they've been through this playoffs. I remember talking to Reg last year about what it takes to go through the playoffs and we'll make sure we revisit those conversations.”

Do you feel you're personally playing better now than you were at the beginning of the season?

“I do feel like I have improved. And I feel like this offense, this team has improved. And I think that's sports in general, you want to take every game as a learning lesson.”

Cincinnati just won so it's official you guys will play next weekend. Is there something to be said for playing right away and keeping this momentum going?

“Yeah, I think, we're in the playoffs and that's what matters. We get to play at home, so it will be fun to not have to wait around to play. It'll be a great opponent, it should be a great atmosphere at Lucas Oil and we're excited.”

What does it say about this team to finish 11-5 despite all the injuries?

“It's a really fun team to be a part of. I think the environment that Coach Pagano has created is a great one. Every team has injuries, so I'm not going to say we have overcome so much more than everybody else. That's not the truth I think. But 11 wins is great. To be in the playoffs is great. But we know that's not our end goal. We want to keep going.”