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One agenda against violence

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - 12:01 am

In October, after months of study and discussion, representatives of Building Bridges to a Better Community brought 10 recommendations for reducing violence in the city to Fort Wayne City Council. Council members received the agenda warmly but without immediately signing on to any plan for action.

The suggestions were:

1. Commit to incorporating Building Bridges to a Better Community in the city's strategic plan; assign two council members to the BBBC initiative

2. Commit to strategically consider programs and initiatives that impact community violence in the city budget

3. Commit to a focused, intentional economic development project on the Central and Southeast side of Fort Wayne

4. Develop a new community-policing approach in order to build trust in police forces and improve security and safety

5. Encourage and cultivate more diversity within the Fort Wayne Police Department's Detective Homicide Unit

6. Create a feedback loop on the status of open investigations; improve data collection to provide police, service providers, and communities with accurate, on-time information on violent incidents, to enable better targeting of prevention activities and law enforcement

7. Increase the focus on building trust and social cohesion by supporting

neighborhood associations and community groups and their involvement in community change

8. Improve transportation and mobility options available for urban populations that supports employment opportunities

9. Commit to clean and eradicate community eyesores and dilapidated structures

10. Engage urban youth to participate in Youth Councils and other social and environmental initiatives giving them a voice in local decision making.