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In his words: Butler forward Kameron Woods talks on league win

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Junior believes team showed necessary toughness

Monday, January 20, 2014 - 12:01 am

INDIANAPOLIS - Butler earned its first victory ever as a member of the Big East Conference on Saturday in front of a sellout crowd of 10,000 fans at Hinkle Fieldhouse. For the sixth time this season, the Bulldogs (11-7, 1-5 Big East) went into overtime, as the topped Marquette 69-57.

Bulldog forward Kameron Woods spoke with the media following the game on a number of topics:

On the historic victory:

"To say that this is just a regular win would probably be a little bit of a stretch. We've been talking about getting over the hump (after five consecutive defeats), we've had so many close games that could've gone our way. So many games that we should've won that we are used to winning, for the (returning players)."

On what was needed to prevail:

"It came down to being tough. I look at the guys that we had in the game (late), and we're a bunch of tough guys. When it went into overtime, our thought process was different than it has been in the past.

"When you go into overtime, the way that this game did, it's tough mentally for a player. Coach Miller did a great job of coming into the huddle and reminding us that 'We had pretty much dominated the second half. We had done everything that we wanted to do and they had taken the shots that we wanted them to take.' That really helped everybody.

"We've got a lot of tough guys out there, man. We miss free throws, it doesn't matter, shake that off. Barlow (commits a) foul, it doesn't matter. We're still out there playing tough and as hard as ever. Fromm hitting big shots. Kellen hitting big shots. And our bench was unbelievable.

"When you've got all of that, it really helps. It's a big difference."

On playing in the Big East this season:

"I think every conference has its own unique grind. but the Big East is so physical. I think the Horizon League was physical and the Atlantic 10 was physical, but the Big East is a step up.

"We've learned in a conference like this, if you don't show up every night for 40 minutes - or however many minutes the game lasts - you can go on some runs where it might get a little ugly for awhile. But the Big East is a whole lot of new challenges and I think everybody in the locker room is excited for it."