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Letter to the editor: Gays entitled to rights

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:01 am

HJR 3 is everyone’s issue. I am a daughter, sister, co-worker, student and most importantly a mother. I have three amazing children who are caring, dedicated and passionate, each in their own unique way. My oldest son, Justin, also happens to be gay. This defines him in the aspect that as an adult, he now finds himself having to defend himself and his partner, Chase, so they may be entitled to the same rights as every other Hoosier family.

HJR 3 seeks to alter my son’s future in a way that is detrimental to equality and the freedoms that the United States has fought so hard to attain for all people. To amend the constitution in such a way as to define one individual as superior to another and discard basic privileges such as health benefits for couples based on gender is ludicrous. Justin doesn’t love any less or deserve to be loved any less by others because he is gay, so why would we want a select group of lawmakers dictating that his rights should be any different than mine or my daughter’s or my brother’s?

Also baffling to me is the 11th-hour attempt to alter the language of the amendment, basically stripping it down, in an attempt to increase the likelihood of it passing. The fact that the companion amendment, HB 1153 is six times longer than the amendment being proposed is evidence that legislators are desperate to change the Indiana Constitution. There are Hoosier families impacted by this proposed amendment, and the ramifications are harmful and hurtful not only to my son, but to me as a proud parent and member of the Fort Wayne community.

Ellen Hoover