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Letter to the editor: Legislative circles

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 12:01 am

Let’s see how this goes. Indiana has a law defining marriage, but some people are worried that it is too easy to change a law. They want a constitutional provision.

Now the Legislature is under pressure to vote a second time on HJR 3 (aka HJR 6) to move a step closer to that constitutional provision. Unfortunately, the leaders of the two parts of the Legislature have discovered that they don’t agree on the meaning of part of HJR 3. The proposed answer is another bill that clears up the meaning of HJR 3. If all this passes, we will have a constitutional provision that isn’t clear and a separate law needed to tell what the constitution should mean.

But didn’t this all start because it is too easy to change a law? Maybe this is what is known as moving in legislative circles.

Gordon E. Walter