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Letter to the editor: Research Bible fo find truth of greater power

Monday, January 27, 2014 - 9:00 am

In response to the letter written by Richard Sloan, I’m afraid your distortions have come from a man wanting to rule without realizing that there is a greater power.

I pray that some way you will hear the truth and get loose from the grip the devil has on you. The devil has always tried to be God.

Scientists have made many archeological digs that have proved the Bible to be true. Check it out for yourself.

God made you and put the breath of life in you, and even though you feel and talk so mean and hateful toward him, he loves you and gave his son, Jesus, to die in our place so you can believe and repent of your sins and let him wash away your sins with his blood, which he shed for you. Do this by baptism (Acts 22:16).

Our only chance to escape from hell is in this life. Read Revelation 20:10-15 to see what hell is really like. Also Revelation 21:8. Doesn’t that make you shake in your boots? I would challenge anyone to do biblical research and not listen to man.

June Miller