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Letter to the editor: Get back to nation forefathers envisioned

Monday, January 27, 2014 - 8:57 am

The question has been raised lately why Fort Wayne’s crime rate, especially murder, is up, and now we have the issue in the Indiana Legislature dealing with same-sex marriage and holding fast to traditional marriage. I propose to you these thoughts.

This nation is on a very slippery slope to ruin. The nation was founded on biblical principles that seem to have been forgotten. Our forefathers who wrote our Constitution would be horribly ashamed of us. The Ten Commandments mean little, and the value of human life has been destroyed.

The movie theaters are full of satanic horror films that make life meaningless. They propagate an attitude of destruction of property and life. The video games are violent for the most part. Is it any wonder that the generation that is now reaching young adulthood have no recriminations for their actions and such disregard for others’ property or life?

Regarding the sanctity of marriage, Satan is having a heyday. The Bible is very specific about this; however, even some of our “Christian” brothers and sisters have been led to twist and manipulate in their minds what God meant.

The best way this nation can get back on track to a better way of life is to get back to the nation our forefathers envisioned as one nation under God.

When the movie theaters are empty because we won’t buy into the violence; when the nation has leaders who are willing to stand straight for a Christian life and not be manipulated; when morals and right and wrong are taught and when people are held accountable for their actions, then maybe the crime rate will fall and we will be able to go to the movies or watch TV without being insulted.

Who knows, there may be fewer divorces and happier children, too.

Janet Koenig