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TV Diary: Remembering Jay Leno and 'The Tonight Show'

Monday, February 3, 2014 - 12:01 am

So, this is it. After a successful run, a failed prime-time TV series and a return to late night, Jay Leno finally ends his duties as host of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Thursday on NBC. Rumor has it he'll end it the same as he did in 2009 with appearances by Billy Crystal and the new host — Jimmy Fallon this go-round.

Conan O'Brien replaced Leno in 2009 with disastrous results.

Will NBC give Fallon the chance the network did not give O'Brien? Time will tell – about 7 months.

In the meantime, take this quiz about Leno and “The Tonight Show.”

1. What is Leno's full name?

2. Who did Leno originally replace as host?

3. Who was the announcer when Jack Paar was host?

4. Who was the original host? And what was the show's title?

5. Who were the first conductor and first announcer?

6. Leno beat out this which late-night host for “The Tonight Show” gig in 1992? They've been competing against each other ever since.

7. In a classic scene from “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” which actor/producer eloquently and alliteratively spoke about the case of the copper clappers without a single error on live TV?

Answers: 1. James Douglas Muir Leno. 2. Johnny Carson. 3. Hugh Downs. 4. Steve Allen; the show was called “Tonight!” 5. Skitch Henderson was conductor; Gene Rayburn was announcer. 6. David Letterman. 7. Jack Webb.