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Letter to the editor: Why no plan to keep sidewalks cleared?

Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 9:05 am

I realize we have had an overabundance of snow this year, but that does not reduce the need for people to walk to the store or work. Winter seems to come every year; you would think the city would have a plan in place to get public sidewalks cleared. The city says bridge sidewalks are the county’s responsibility, the county says they will look into it and it never gets done.

Looks to me, neither the city nor the county cares enough about the safety of its pedestrian citizens that I witness on a daily basis: a woman with four small children carrying two gallons of milk, an old man with a cane, and many others trying to negotiate the difficult and dangerous ice- and-snow-covered sidewalks. The man in the motorized wheelchair who has to risk his life on Bluffton Road with high-speed traffic when the weather is good (no sidewalks to clean). Well, forget about it, he just stays home and does without.

The city of Fort Wayne has a sidewalk snow removal ordinance, so maybe they should fine themselves, fine the county (for bridge sidewalks) or get busy clearing them before somebody gets hurt and holds the city responsible for not enforcing and following ordinance. Then get a plan to keep them shoveled.

Roger Lindley