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Local chefs' snow runs to the store are likely different than yours

But they don't plan gourmet meals for snow days at home -- in fact, they likely will be at work.

Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 12:01 am

By now we all know the routine. Weather forecasters predict a winter storm and we all run screaming to the store for bread and milk. Oh, and maybe beer, wine or booze. No matter what we have in our pantries and cabinets, it must be instinctive to stock up on staples and libations when we fear we will be snowed in.

We decided to ask a few local chefs what they stock up on when faced with the possibility of being snowed in at home. Do they prepare gourmet meals for their families? Do their grocery trips include exotic spices and prime cuts of meat?

"We (chefs) don't eat fancy when we're at home," said Brian Shreffler, executive chef of Chop's Steaks and Seafood. He likes to fix comfort food when snowed in, such as macaroni and cheese. Also a must: bourbon, beer and bacon.

Bourbon seems to be a theme among chefs, as that's the first thing Matthew Nolot mentioned when asked what he considers a priority when snowed in. Nolot, executive chef of Eddie Merlot's in Fort Wayne, likes the bourbon for its warming properties. However he also would have to have some Jeni's ice cream, available locally from Fresh Market.

As for staples, Nolot said he could survive for a long time on red beans and rice. And he doesn't have to dash out for milk before a snowstorm; his milk is delivered to his door by Green BEAN Delivery, www,

Chad Kyle, executive chef at Baker Street, said as a chef he might have more interesting things in his pantry than the average cook, but when a snowstorm is predicted he shops for the staples just like everyone else -- bread, pasta, milk and eggs. However, on a snowy day he may enlist his wife and kids to make some homemade bread or pasta.

It should be noted that none of these chefs were experiencing a "snow day" on Wednesday. All were at their restaurants, preparing for the evening dinner crowd.