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Red Rok Saloon cleared to reopen by health department

Barbecue restaurant on The Landing had problem with mice

Friday, February 7, 2014 - 4:12 pm

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health ordered Red Rok Saloon closed on Thursday due to an infestation of mice, but by Friday the eatery had taken care of the problem and was allowed to reopen.

On Thursday the health department received a complaint of a major infestation of mice at the restaurant at 123 W. Columbia St. An inspection found two mice in traps, droppings around baseboards, droppings in clean pans stored on a shelf, and packages of pasta with holes chewed into them.

The restaurant was given a list of actions to take, including removing all dead pests and droppings and throwing out the bags of pasta that had been chewed open.

Friday morning the health department re-inspected the restaurant but would not permit Red Rok to reopen until certain actions were taken, including sealing gaps and holes in walls. The second inspection report said 16 mice had been trapped during the time the restaurant was closed.

By Friday afternoon the restaurant had completed all the items on the list and the health department gave its approval to reopen.