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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Letter to the editor: You leftist progressives just don't get it

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:01 am
To the news media outlets and those concerned about the direction Obama is dragging the USA:(This little ditty attempts to get at the crux of the mess this country is in and calls out the so-called “progressive” elitists.)

You so-called “progressives” (guess for you the term “liberal” sounded too McGovernish) just don’t get it. You queue, clasp crossed arms, wail “Kumbaya” and ponder on how to best destroy the very fabric of this country.

Your mission is to keep the blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals mollified and on your radical side (the law of large numbers comes into play since soon the minorities will be in the majority) so you can continue screwing the USA into the ground.

Your new hero is the neophyte New York City mayor; I’d wager he’ll have New York City in a mess in three years, four tops. (That’s about all it took media darling President Obama to thoroughly mess things up.) He’ll “Obamatize” the Big Apple into a kumquat.

When a country keeps looking inward and basically does little to counter outside threats (e.g., radical Islam), ignores (or changes) its fundamental principles, spends like the proverbial drunken sailor and focuses on creating a welfare society dependent mainly on the dole (Obamacare is the left’s Bible), it isn’t long to survive, at least in some recognizable form (See Rome A.D. 450).

Do you read me? I can only hope against hope the answer is: “Loud and clear!” Let me say in closing that as sure as day turns into night, you leftists in the media will keep piling on Christie (Cut him some slack! He’s, after all, from “Joisey”) and any Republican you might perceive as a threat in bringing the “Sainted Arkansas Bubba Duo” back to the White House!

Think about this little ditty — really think about it!

Yours in a United States,

Rich Polk


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