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Here's a quiz about alcohol; you know, liquor, booze, beer, wine, hooch, spirits

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 12:01 am

My daughter and I were talking about — what else — the weather, and she mentioned a tropical paradise. She went from there to Hawaii and came up with the idea for this column: How about alcoholic beverages? They keep people warm, don’t they? So that’s what this is about. Every question has a connection with an alcoholic drink or alcohol. Ready? Five points, as usual, when you are right.

1. Who wrote the immortal words “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”?

2. The novel “Catcher in the Rye” is back in the news. Who wrote that gem?

3. What is the drink we associate with the Kentucky Derby? (No, not Four Roses!)

4. What is a sommelier?

5. You use it to securely wrap a gift, it’s manufactured by 3M and it’s a transparent adhesive tape. What is it?

6. What do we call the tall, slender glass usually reserved for Champagne? (OK, so it’s also a musical instrument.)

7. It’s a breed of a large, heavy draft horse with heavily feathered legs and is associated with a popular American beer. Its name?

8. Which Scottish poet wrote “Comin’ Thro’ the Rye”?

9. It was successful first on television’s “Playhouse 90” and then hugely successful as a movie starring Jack Lemon back in 1962. The title song was great, too. What is the title?

10. Its name also is used for a very helpful household tool. Name the drink.

11. A Belorussian who is Caucasian shares this name with an alcoholic beverage. What’s the name?

12. It’s also a girl’s name, but she doesn’t have salt around her edges. What’s the drink?

13. What is Martini & Rossi?

14. Why is the real Champagne always capitalized?

15. Why has news person Elizabeth Vargas been in the news very recently?

16. It’s a drink often associated with brunch. It consists of orange juice and Champagne and is also the name of a tree with colorful flowers. Its name, please.

17. It’s a lovely song from Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes,” which fits into this quiz. You’ll get a kick out of being right.

18. It is a city in Israel, principal city of the Negev, and goes back to ancient times. It lends part of its name to this quiz.

19. It was a wildly popular song back in the big band days, and then Spike Jones took hold of it with a hilarious version.

20. A lovely Viennese waltz is “Wine, Women and Song.” Name the composer.

There you have it. A bonus? You want a bonus? OK: Who starred in “Cocktail,” a film about a charming, flashy bartender?

Answers: 1. Ogden Nash; 2. J.D. Salinger; 3. Mint julep; 4. A wine steward; someone really knowledgeable about wines; 5. Scotch tape; 6. Flute; 7. Clydesdale; 8. Robert Burns; 9. “Days of Wine and Roses”; 10. Screwdriver.

11. White Russian; 12. La Margarita; 13. an Italian alcoholic beverage company specializing in vermouth and wine; 14. Champagne is a region of France; 15. She announced she had become addicted to alcohol and is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous; 16. Mimosa; 17. “I Get No Kick from Champagne”; 18. Beersheba; 19. “Cocktails for Two”; 20. Johann Strauss Jr.

Bonus: Tom Cruise

Surely you scored 80.

Betty E. Stein is a retiredteacher in Fort Wayne.