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Fort Wayne births, through Feb. 9

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 9.

Fort Wayne

•A'cariyon D. Perry to D'estin M. Perry.

•A'zerian S. Parker to Jawauna P. Davis Parker and Antonio S. Parker.

•Adaline A. Townsend to Ashley A. Rupright and Michael A. Townsend.

•Adalyn R. Rittenhouse to Jennifer L. Jacobs and Andrew R. Rittenhouse.

•Adisynn R. Rogers to Kayla D. Tanksley and Richard A. Rogers.

•Aelis K. Nash to Amber M. Drew and Alexander L. Nash.

•Alazander C. Ward to Annastazia J. Ward.

•Alex J. Stephens to Jennifer N. Kuhn and Dustin M. Stephens.

•Alexandria Solano to Socorro Solano.

•Alylah J. Phlipot to Haley E. Kreigh and Jacob A. Phlipot.

•Amani S. Hart to Yumiko A. and Larry J. Hart Jr.

•Amelia L. Tschantz to Lori A. and Scott H. Tschantz.

•Amilya G. Moriarity to Kaylyn A. and Jeffrey J. Moriarity.

•Amiyah A. Anderson to Breanna S. Martin and Jamarcus T. Anderson.

•Andrianna A. Smittie to Shannon N. Wilson and Andrew D. Smittie.

•Anna M. Knox to Kristen L. and Kevin P. Knox.

•Annabelle L. Matthews to Christina M. Tretter and Royce L. Matthews.

•Annabelle L. Mowen to Krystle J. Collins and Wesley D. Mowen.

•Annabelle R. Peer to Erin E. Keim and Jeremy L. Peer.

•Anthony C. Mudrack to Amie M. Debolt and Chad A. Mudrack.

•Anthony J. Vazquez to Nellie A. Estrada and Teodulfo Vazquez.

•Antwon O. Scales to Corneaious S. Scales.

•Arham Shahjehan to Umbreen and Khurram Shahjehan.

•Aries K. Lassandro to Kayleigh A. Fromm and Aaron K. Lassandro.

•Arjun Choudhry to Vandana Bansal and Anshul Choudhry.

•Arreyhana K. Coleman to Breionda R. Walton and Quantre L. Coleman.

•Ayden W. Slatton to Samantha L. Thomas and Zachary J. Slatton.

•Azazel D. Woods to Amy S. Richerson and Anthony D. Woods.

•Berkley D. Tincher to Brenda K. Ayala and Joshua D. Tincher.

•Braylen M. Perry to Kara L. Johnson and Brandon L. Perry.

•Brendan A. Howard to Melissa A. Shelby and Anthony T. Howard.

•Cadileena R. Bure to Jessica L. and Kevin J. Bure.

•Cameron J. Galloway to Mauriah N. and Adam J. Galloway.

•Cameron K. Kellogg to Nicole B. and Kyle A. Kellogg.

•Catalina M. Hnin to Hnin Hnin.

•Christopher E. Horner Jr. to Catherine A. Horner.

•Clara E. Cutrer to Candice C. Cutrer.

•Contreal J. Wilson to Tatayna S. Wilson.

•Crawford D. Mlodecki to Kristin E. and David L. Mlodecki.

•Crosby W. Holmes to Michelle R. Adams and Andrew J. Holmes.

•Da'jour A. Erby to Brittany J. Erby.

•Damein J. Spillers to Autumn A. Spillers.

•Daniel B. Hade to Trisha E. and Michael B. Hade.

•Dari'on G. Williams-Jackson to Dominique L. Williams and Jesse J. Jackson.

•Darlin Martinez to Griselda Jacquez Gomez and Maximo E. Martinez Nunez.

•Darreion D. Chaney to Monique N. Holmes and Darren B. Chaney.

•Daveyah Z. Banks to Avanique V. Holmes and Donshaun O. Banks.

•David A. Kitchen to Maria D. Gonzalez and David A. Kitchen.

•Davis W. Law to Katherine H. and William S. Law.

•Declan J. Busche to Shelby N. Laughlin and Andrew G. Busche.

•Delilah M. McCartney to Katelyn R. Whitlock and Tanner A. McCartney.

•Demond O. Rogan Jr. to Khin K. Cho and Demond O. Rogan.

•Dominic E. Hundley to Veronica R. Schmidt and Nathan E. Hundley.

•Draven K. Lewis to Tessa M. Walsh and Wyatt K. Lewis.

•Easton C. Kahn to Tara L. and Frank C. Kahn III.

•Elijah D. Byers to Marquitta R. Byers.

•Elijah V. Fleming to Katlyn R. Lyons and Sean V. Fleming.

•Elizabeth A. Nichols to Nikki L. and Russell N. Nichols.

•Elizjah M. Merz to Pamela S. Merz.

•Emberley R. Long to Courtney M. Jones and Bronson D. Long.

•Ethan A. Hunley to Bobbi J. Hyser and Simon J. Hunley.

•Ethan J. Fisk to Mildred E. and Edward J. Fisk.

•George B. Niezer to Laura C. and Michael B. Niezer.

•Giselle A. Barron to Dulce M. Barron.

•Grayson J. Busche to Shelby N. Laughlin and Andrew G. Busche.

•Haley G. Psurny to Julie M. Gannon and Shane E. Psurny.

•Harmony E. Rogers to Christina A. Mitchell and Branden L. Rogers.

•Harper A. Shafer to Jaimi L. Osten and Gale E. Shafer IV.

•Harper S. Luth to Christa M. Rife and Kyle M. Luth.

•Hazel R. Smith to Haley E. Meyers and Nicklas A. Smith.

•Helena N. Schutt to Staci A. Schutt.

•I'lynn M. Alford to Jametha D. and D'angelo L. Alford.

•Iliyah L. Robinson to Jordan M. Smith and Ivory L. Robinson Jr.

•Isaiah C. Pernell to Gina N. Craig and Antwoine M. Pernell.

•Italyia Dehnya M. Sparks to Erin A. Sack and Talarge D. Sparks.

•Iyla B. Jackson to Amanda D. Hosier and Aaron J. Jackson.

•Jacari M. Richardson to Seaquela D. Martin and Tommy L. Richardson.

•Jackson R. Hensley to Adrianna E. and William T. Hensley.

•Jake R. Moreau to Rebecca L. and Ryan C. Moreau.

•Jamarion L. Hatch to Jasmine S. Ross and Richard L. Hatch.

•Jameson A. McCarthy to Sarah M. and Andrew J. McCarthy.

•Jase E. Richards to Heather M. Riff and Scott D. Richards.

•Jaxon A. Stetzel to Jodi A. Stetzel.

•Jay'vion G. Williams to Natalie L. Williams.

•Jayden I. Perez to Sarah M. Hayden and Jonathan J. Martinez Perez.

•Jazlynn A. Chansyna to Kiera McNeil and Jason A. Chansyna.

•Jazzlynne A. Bolin to Judith L. and Michael J. Bolin.

•Jema K. Williams to Julia E. Roberts and Alexander J. Williams.

•Jesslyn R. Sanchez to Joselyn V. and Rodrigo A. Sanchez.

•Jimena A. Reyes to Blanca E. Reyes and David Reyes Villagomez.

•Joah A. Raines to Breauna R. Taylor and James R. Raines.

•John H. Steadman to Patricia A. Smith-Steadman and Brian D. Steadman.

•Jordan R. Ervin to Tabitha R. and Robert S. Ervin Jr.

•Josephine C. Ortiz to Melinda Back and Joseph Ortiz.

•Joshua Mung K. Khual to Ngan K. Vung and Kham L. Nang.

•Josue Ruiz to Elizabeth Luna Soto and Salvador Ruiz Flores.

•Jrue X. Pinchinat to Juanita L. Bender and Jules J. Pinchinat.

•Julian Cuazitl to Yolanda and Serapio C. Cuazitl.

•Julian M. Alvarez to Amanda L. McCullough and Fernando J. Alvarez Jr.

•Kaleb X. Alleshouse to Sarai Cuellar and Austin D. Alleshouse.

•Kaley R. Moring to Emily L. and Chad M. Moring.

•Keilan B. Smith to Traci A. and David C. Smith.

•Keion J. Winborn to Kemeisha L. Winborn.

•Kennedy B. Roush to Brittany R. and Douglas A. Roush.

•Kinsley A. Clabaugh to Angela L. and Christopher D. Clabaugh.

•Kwa'me N. Madison to Dalena R. Madison.

•Kye J. Kolkman to Audra R. Kolkman and Da'mon A. Richter.

•Lafayette Thompson V to Paige L. Ellis and Lafayette Thompson IV.

•Laila C. Jacobs to Whitney D. Barnett and Neuman I. Jacobs.

•Levi J. Patten to Susan L. Enge and Benjamin J. Patten.

•Liam O. Bradtmueller to Ashley M. Sharp and Garret J. Bradtmueller.

•Lidia E. Vazquez to Deatra J. Kershner and Carlos Vazquez-Aguilera.

•Lionel J. Faurote to Rianne A. Faurote.

•London A. King to Shantell B. King.

•Londyn O. Merchant to Carlee J. Zent and Joshua T. Merchant.

•Lucian K. Sims to Jacqueline N. Jones and Justin A. Sims.

•Makinley M. Thieme to Ashley E. Trafzer and Lyndon J. Thieme.

•Marah T. Nelson to Courtney L. Reed and Calvin D. Nelson.

•Marianne E. Zartman to Magdalen R. Zartman and Christopher A. Peters.

•Matthew D. Crews to Melinda E. and Kevin A. Crews.

•Maylee S. Toth to Melissa S. and Matthew S. Toth.

•Michael D. Toombs to Jessica N. Seelnacht and Jesse M. Toombs.

•Mya J. Snyder to Michelle L. Harkless and Alex C. Snyder.

•Nash H. Couch to Staci D. and Douglas W. Couch.

•Neshon L. Griggs to Nicole Griggs.

•Nico A. Tidwell to Calogera and Lawrence E. Tidwell.

•Nicolas K. Lwin to Wai W. and Kyaw K. Lwin.

•Nilayjha R. Carper to Chantal L. Carper.

•Niomi A. Hannah to Stakaya D. Hannah.

•Noah D. Starks to Veronica L. and Bradley R. Starks.

•Nona T. Lyon to Taylor C. and Scott C. Lyon.

•Olivia A. Henning to Kayla R. Kohlhepp and Dennis C. Henning.

•Onin E. Hastreiter to Mary N. Jerome and John E. Hastreiter.

•Paisely J. Long to Courtney M. Jones and Bronson D. Long.

•Paris E. Dubose to Jamie C. McGee and Dominque D. Dubose.

•Piper N. Stilwell-Ware to Samantha J. Ware and Richard W. Stilwell III.

•Ra'niyah L. Manton to Tyisha M. Sloan and Deshon L. Manton.

•Raeanna R. Middaugh to Bobbie J. Middaugh.

•Rahma R. Hemed to Sharifa M. Salim and Rashid K. Hemed.

•Reese W. McGilvrey to Carrie L. and Ryan E. McGilvrey.

•Reyna L. White to Courtney M. Burgess and Jeremy M. White.

•Rhyann A. Elliott to Niki N. Robinson and William S. Elliott.

•Ro H. Na to Thet Ma and Hu Seing.

•Robert E. Stuckey III to Aja W. Smith and Michael D. Stuckey.

•Rowan M. Cieslikowski to Molly K. and Aaron B. Cieslikowski.

•Ruby J. Finn to Elizabeth A. and Jason M. Finn.

•Sahnay W. Poe to Burma Poe and Ta M. Wah.

•Sai Shravan Santhosh to Gowri Somasundaram and Santhosh P. Subramanian.

•Samuel J. Fletcher to Michelle M. and Brian R. Fletcher.

•Sarah K. Traphagan to Stephanie A. and William J. Traphagan.

•Sofi Ya to Ape Ma and Nolah Mae.

•Sophia A. Smith to Kristina M. Workman and Nicholas E. Smith.

•Sophia G. Sterling to Samantha M. Bair and Vincent F. Sterling.

•Stella M. Creason to Leah M. Fulton and Chad M. Creason.

•Sydney J. Smith to Kelsey J. Stephens and Roderick L. Smith.

•Taleah Z. Guzman Medina to Taisha I. Guzman Medina.

•Theodore J. Kauffman to Erin L. and Mark V. Kauffman.

•Tidus W. Sims to Kari A. Smith and Jharrwod S. Sims.

•Toriyah A. Purchas to Lorraine D. Purchas.

•William D. Mesing to Meghan N. and William D. Mesing.

•William E. Maurizi to Kathryn L. and Philip W. Maurizi.

•Zackery A. Zent to Jessica L. Covey and Jeffrey R. Zent.

•Zion C. Moore to Rameica L. and Larry D. Moore.