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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. A gay activist says, “What do you religious right wingers care about what goes on in someone’s bedroom?” Answer: We don’t care. So why are you talking about it? Why is it all over the news, in our courts and in our schools? We care about the time-honored institution of marriage. Your behavior is your business.

Maybe there wouldn’t be so much against the gay relationship bill if they would stop calling it a marriage and start referring to it as a civil union. It’s much more acceptable and, all people being equal, benefits should also apply. Just call it what it is — a civil union. Marriage is and always will be between man and woman.

Despite how conservatives stereotype liberals like me, I do not envy the rich. However, I strongly resent how conservative politicians rig the game for the rich to get obscenely richer, while the wages for working stiffs like me have been flat for 30 years, even as we continue to produce more and more.

It’s bad enough the city plows redeposit snow in our driveways, but why can’t there be some agreement between the city and U.S. Post Office to plow along the curb area to clean out (around) the mailboxes? Many citizens are not physically capable of doing this, thus not receiving their mail. I have seen plows piling the snow over fire hydrants, which is another responsibility of homeowners.

What a sad commentary to drop $3 million of the Legacy fund on building renovations when the city’s infrastructure is in sad need of repair. What’s next, Mayor?

The death of Philip S. Hoffman, from an overdose of heroin, has been front-page news all week. This is sad, but what is really sad is that thousands of Americans have died and millions of lives have been destroyed because of heroin. The vast amount of illegal drugs come into this country from our southern border, and it must be secured.

So someone thinks that if HJR 3 is passed, I would marry my dog. Well, if I could teach it to cook dinner, wash the clothes and dishes, do the shopping, wrap the presents, pay all the bills, shovel all of the snow, mow the yard, make tee times for me, keep the house clean, remember my mom’s birthday and do this without a bark, then I might think about it.

For all of the dog owners located outside the city limits. The state has a leash law, and your dog should not be roaming on others’ property. Neither should you, for that matter. Keep your dogs on a leash if you do not have a fenced yard. I do not want my yard littered with your dogs’ waste.

Idiot ranter blames the NRA for a theater shooting by a retired cop, of all people. No. Blame and shame belongs to the decadent, irresponsible and narcissistic liberal social culture.

As long as we are debating marriage we should get rid of the laws concerning marriage between family members. If two loving people forgo children, why should the state deny them the right to marry? Norms have changed, and we should be able to accept the loves of all our citizens.

Why not spend some of that Legacy money to help people who must ride city buses? I see many waiting at West Cook Road and Westfield Drive leaning on the sign in bad weather. There is a glass bus shelter around the corner on Coldwater Road full of snow!

It seems I’ve taken matters into my own hands by becoming the new “president” of the streets. In ACJ calling shots, clicked up with the cartels. They want guns; we want their drugs. (A) middle-man (is) talking to all these countries.

To the person who took the box off of our front porch. Hope you were so disappointed!

Hey drivers! Although the snowplows don’t get all the way over to the curbs, do park as close to the curb as you can. I do have to stay in my lane especially when cars are coming opposite me!

If church-sanctioned schools happily accept public dollars in vouchers for students, then they don’t get to complain about insurance mandates for contraception coverage.

To all of the pickup truck “cowboys” who haul … on the snowy/icy roads like it’s bone dry in July: Move to Texas.

To the ranter “Fighting has been a part of hockey since its inception”: Slavery was a part of the USA since its inception and we got rid of that. To people whose only (best) argument is “That’s the way it’s always been.” Sheesh!

I do believe my driveway is starting to glaciate.

There is no justification for the special advantages that children born to affluent parents have. What kind of monster would say that certain children deserve more than others based on how much money their parents have?

I wonder if God made gay people just to enrage the bigots in the religious right?

Anti-gay marriage advocates state that marriage is for one reason. Procreation. OK, then nobody over the age of 50 should be allowed to marry. Neither should anyone who is infertile. So we need to test all marriage applicants for fertility before a marriage license is issued. Our state Senate and Legislature are the true meaning of dumb and dumber.

Why does the city of Fort Wayne allow people to open a business when it has no parking places for customers? And the adjacent property owner is expected to let the other businesses use his property for parking when his parking is for his customers and tenants.

Congratulations to (a northeast-side shopping center) on another winter of not clearing the sidewalks of snow on State Boulevard and Maplecrest Road that are surrounding the shopping complex. Thank you to the other businesses who do clear the sidewalks surrounding their business property.

Why do we continue having judges, politicians, attorneys general and even presidents swear an oath to our laws and Constitution. Then they follow their own personal beliefs. What if police officers began enforcing only laws they like or agree with. Where is my beloved United States of America?

For years, I have respected and valued the cultures and traditions of everyone in America. Now my culture and traditions are under attack, and my voice has been drowned out. If you want to be in a loving, committed relationship, don’t demand trashing my rights and traditions. Start your own.

Crime will never be wiped out no matter how many police we hire. The war on drugs will never be won. Legalize it but tax it. Bring it out in the open. Problem solved. Way to go, Colorado, for making the first step.

President Obama has cemented his legacy: The Great Divider.

To all those who don’t feel that gay people should have the same rights as straight folks: Well, you’re in good company. Putin agrees with you, as well as the Taliban, those crazy Baptists, and the ever pleasant and nice Ann Coulter.

America is not a “Christian nation,” because that would require nonviolence and caring for the sick and the poor.

City of Fort Wayne has asked residents to clear fire hydrants of snow, and now they want residents to clear storm drains of ice. City Utility customers pay a hydrant fee and a storm water fee on their water bill. I don’t mind helping, when it is needed; however, the board of public works should be responsible for clearing hydrants and storm drains! I have paid my dues through property taxes and constant fees being added to my water bill ... now do “your” job!


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