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Health department clears Naked Tchopstix to reopen

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The restaurant was ordered to close Tuesday after live cockroaches were found inside.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 6:59 pm

Naked Tchopstix was ordered to close Tuesday after an inspection discovered two live cockroaches and several dead ones inside the restaurant.

However by Wednesday evening the Fort-Wayne Allen County Department of Health had reinspected the restaurant and given it the OK to reopen. The restaurant was to remain closed Wednesday night and reopen Thursday.

On Tuesday the health department inspected and closed the restaurant, located at 8607 U.S. 24 W., after getting a report Monday that a cockroach had been seen running across the floor.

The health department report noted two live cockroaches were seen in the sushi bar, one on the prep cooler base and one in the crack above shelving in a wood wall.

Dead cockroaches were observed throughout the sushi bar and near a single door chest freezer.

No food preparation or deliveries were allowed while the restaurant was closed.

The list of actions the restaurant had to take before it reopened includes:

*Have the restaurant treated for pests.

*Seal all cracks and crevices in sushi bar.

*Clean food debris from under sushi cases.

*Clean light fixtures in kitchen and remove all dead pests.

The lengthy list goes on and includes removing all bedding and lounge chairs from the kitchen area.

Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health director of communications John Silcox said the health department has closed nine restaurants so far in 2014. In 2013 the department closed 23. Some reopen just a day or two after they're closed, as soon as they can make the required fixes. Others that have flood or fire damage may be closed for months.

Silcox said there seems to have been an increase in complaints related to pests this winter, possibly due to the weather.

He said when the health department has to shut down a restaurant, "we do work to get them open as quickly as we can."