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Letter to the editor: Tax elimination proposal bad idea

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 12:01 am

The letter from Bob Morris regarding the proposed elimination of the business personal property tax would indicate that either he has been misled or misinformed or he has not done his homework regarding this proposed tax cut to businesses.

The business tax generates $1 billion per year in tax revenue for our state. Such a loss of revenue would be a financial disaster for many of the services and programs that are dependant on this tax for funding those services.

Tea party Republican Mike Pence came up with this tax proposal. Many members of the Statehouse and mayors of our cities were opposed to it. It is clear this money is badly needed for Indiana. Secondly, there was no replacement tax to make up for this loss of funding. What that means is that this is not a cut in taxes but instead a moving of taxes from one group to another. And we all know who the group is that these taxes will be moved to.

Morris is impressed with Indiana being a state that has a highly rated business climate. This proposed tax cut is just another “magic pill” for job creation. When businesses learn of this tax cut, they will just come flooding into Indiana. Companies who were thinking of leaving would now stay. We all heard the same things over the “magic pill” job creator known as the right-to-work law.

Today Indiana may have a friendly business climate. But we also have a staggering number of people living in poverty, underfunded police and fire departments, underfunded school districts, working poor in this state, and highways and bridges that need to be maintained or replaced. The list goes on and on.

With representatives such as Morris, Indiana continues its decline. If this tax cut becomes law it will only speed up the decline.

Curtis J. Ransom