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Fort Wayne births, through Feb. 23

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 23.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah L. Holmes to Brittney M. Johnson and Lloyde D. Holmes.

•Addalyna M. Mawhinney to Nicole M. Mawhinney.

•Adeeb J. Alsharai to Salwa A. and Jabr S. Alsharai.

•Akkadian C. Steward to Jessica L. Steward.

•Alexandra E. Benedict to Suzanne K. and Jeremiah M. Benedict.

•Alyssa M. Zartman to Patricia A. and Anthony J. Zartman.

•Amelia S. Boacheon to Mary E. and Sorcha Boacheon.

•Aminah T. Williams to Tatiana A. Williams.

•Angel X. Kopulos to Marisa C. Kopulos.

•Angela Rodriguez to Angelica Rosiles and Jose G. Rodriguez.

•Anna K. Nolan to Maria K. Rubillos and Michael J. Nolan.

•Anna M. Hipskind to Michelle N. and Casey J. Hipskind.

•Annaliese J. McIntyre to Tricia L. and James R. McIntyre.

•Arrianna B. Franklin to Sherri A. Stiles-Walker and Detrick L. Franklin.

•Asher N. Jenks to Bobbi J. Maddox and Nicholas A. Jenks.

•Audrey J. Bell to Josephine M. Bell.

•Aundria R. Crawford to Kelli S. Brooks and Brandon L. Crawford.

•Avant J. Crawford to Andrea M. Fowlkes and Gemarcus D. Crawford.

•Barrett A. Schumm to Shelby N. and Randall A. Schumm.

•Beckham O. Stemen to Jaime S. and Ryan L. Stemen.

•Belle L. Kadoe to Paw H. and Thaysaw J. Kadoe.

•Benjamin E. Perkins to Cassandra R. and Timothy M. Perkins.

•Bentley A. Rohrs and Phoebie K. Rohrs to Andrea D. and Xavier B. Rohrs.

•Blake A. Perry to Betsy M. Perry.

•Breccan J. Bailey to Sharone L. Rawson and Brian S. Bailey.

•Brynlee L. Maurice to Sherene A. and Donald E. Maurice Jr.

•Caleb Doss to Rosalinda B. Sudharsana Doss and Joshua Nirmal Prasanth Sudharsana Doss.

•Callista A. Devine to Renee D. and Steven T. Devine.

•Camila F. Soto to Maria T. Zepeda Soto.

•Caroline P. Pinkston to Emily S. and Derick C. Pinkston.

•Cassidi N. Holmes to Alexis R. Holmes.

•Cayden L. Zatler to Kylie A. and Robert E. Zatler.

•Charles H. Gotschall to Meghan L. and Jordan T. Gotschall.

•Connor T. Bates to Christina M. Sand and Johnathon G. Bates.

•Cooper J. Sowers to Lacey S. Sowers.

•Cooper S. Zimmerman and Ryker E. Zimmerman to Megan E. and Keenan S. Zimmerman.

•Corbyn L. Hankel to Harmony F. and Jeremy L. Hankel.

•Courdell D. Alford-Jones to Lakeasha J. Alford and Cantrell D. Jones.

•Cruz M. Bratton to Amanda L. and Cameron M. Bratton.

•Dalayah A. Early to Deshanne M. and Tremayne X. Early.

•Daleyza Flores to Mayra Arroyo Bedolla and Luis F. Flores Guzman.

•Damarion O. Carlisle to Patrice A. Griggs and Damein S. Carlisle.

•David J. Army II to Adella M. King and David J. Army I.

•Deklan E. Moore to Danielle N. and Ryan D. Moore.

•Deonte J. Jefferson to Natasha M. Jefferson.

•Diego A. LaFontaine to Gina P. and Matthew R. LaFontaine.

•Donald R. Kolkman Jr. to Lorna G. and Donald R. Kolkman Sr.

•Drayton A. Sharon to Faith A. Sharon.

•Easton D. Barger to Ricki L. Orr and Daniel J. Barger.

•Eavondre L. Pinkston to Eavonda L. Pinkston.

•Eduardo E. Lopez-Smith to Yolanda L. Lopez and James R. Smith.

•Edward C. Capps to Stephanie M. McDonald and Sebastain A. Capps.

•Elaina K. Hudon to Rachel C. Hudon.

•Emerson L. Green to Lisa C. and Adam G. Green.

•Emily M. Davis to Leslie D. and Joseph M. Davis.

•Emmett X. Guevara to Lisel A. and Jefte F. Guevara.

•Evalyn L. Bear to Skye O. Bear.

•Evan W. Mitcham to Christy L. Mitcham.

•Ezra L. Green to Jordan J. Green.

•Franklin D. Wright Jr. to Tania L. and Franklin D. Wright.

•Gabriel A. Alvarez to Rosalba Mendoza Alvarez and Jose G. Alvarez-Sanchez.

•Gavin R. Bernath to Ronda K. and Jeremy M. Bernath.

•Griffin M. Schaefer to Haley N. Neddeff and Christian J. Schaefer.

•Hadley J. Cook to Shacina J. Hersey and William F. Cook.

•Hazel M. Przyborski to Emily R. and Michael R. Przyborski.

•Henry A. Ley to Kelly G. and Christopher J. Ley.

•Ian M. Galbreath to Sara L. and Benjamin E. Galbreath.

•Ira Maheshwari to Shraddha Mundhra and Aditya Maheshwari.

•Isaac T. Glassley to Sara M. and Timothy F. Glassley.

•Isabel R. Nieves to Sevastiana L. Kister and Evan J. Nieves.

•Isaiah J. Weiler to Tiffany H. and Collyn R. Weiler.

•Ivy J. Shaffer to Stephanie R. Shaffer.

•Ja'mare J. Guy to Anjaleel L. Prosser and James Guy Jr.

•Ja'michael A. Stewart to Latoya D. Stewart.

•Jaccobo Grajales to Maria F. Rincon and Juan C. Grajales.

•Jameson P. Walls to Sara B. R. and Christopher E. Walls.

•Jaxon D. Reed to Gretchen T. and Joel D. Reed.

•Jayden C. Williams to Lisa M. McHenry and Jared L. Williams.

•Jayshawn J. Roach to Jessica M. Roach.

•Jazmen A. Govin to Jessie M. Karn-Govin and Javier Govin.

•Jeremiah D. Chapman to Mareshah L. Chapman.

•Jillian B. Sellhorn to Brooke N. and Tyler R. Sellhorn.

•John R. Bireley to Joanna M. and John D. Bireley.

•Johnatan N. Cardoso-Anaya to Alma Cardoso-Anaya.

•Judea M. Letchaw to Jacari B. and Roymont A. Letchaw.

•Julianna R. Elliott to Jamie L. and Corey R. Elliott.

•Karin E. Christiansen to Rebekah E. and Keaton G. Christiansen.

•Karsten G. Pelton to Kristina D. Forsyth and Gary S. Pelton.

•Karter J. Fernandez to Ashley N. Thomas and Juan J. Fernandez.

•Kayd P. France to Rebecca M. and Brandon J. France.

•Kayden J. Walker to Kobliah M. Butler and James B. Walker Jr.

•Kendalynn H. Chin to Kelsey L. and Toby E. Chin.

•Khira L. Carter to Kristina L. Carter.

•Kiya M. Palma to Tanishia C. Palma.

•Klair R. Schleinkofer to Lynette J. and Kris A. Schleinkofer.

•Korbyn R. Klier to Alexis A. Burda and Kory J. Witcher.

•Lamora D. Coburn to Meggan L. and Lenard D. Coburn.

•Laniya D. Moore to Natasha L. Moore.

•Layla M. Bireley to Bailey A. Bireley.

•Leona J. Dawalt to Haleigh M. and Kyle A. Dawalt.

•Lettie R. Brashear to Natasha L. Hall and Rocky J. Brashear.

•Levi A. Solis to Kim M. Luc and Jehova U. Solis Sr.

•Lian Z. Thang to Nian L. Vung and Lian H. Khup.

•Lillian A. Lehrman to Candace J. and Dan A. Lehrman.

•Lillian F. Eggleston to Anita K. and Benjamin E. Eggleston.

•Lincoln D. Tran to Stacey M. and Thuc T. Tran.

•Logan R. Young to Christina A. and Joshua R. Young.

•Lola J. Tippmann to Ashly N. and Michael X. Tippmann Sr.

•Londyn L. Ellis to Jaime L. Knuckles and Antron D. Ellis.

•Mason D. Wright to Stephanie M. Taylor and D'andre L. Wright.

•Maverick D. Skaggs to Heidi M. and Matthew B. Skaggs.

•Maximus J. Rader to Anita R. and Brian K. Rader.

•Maxton J. Bailey to Melissa A. and Robert M. Bailey.

•Miah M. Harmon to Rachel A. and Brandon L. Harmon.

•Micah A. Napier to Jenna L. and Anthony P. Napier.

•Michael N. Brown II to Breanne M. Shaw and Michael N. Brown.

•Mick A. Schaeffer to Elizabeth A. and Benjamin A. Schaeffer.

•Miles D. Silva to Kayla E. Silva.

•Miraya S. Barton to Chelsea L. and Austin W. Barton.

•Naomi Diaz-Vazquez to Leticia Vazquez and Edvin O. Diaz.

•Naomi S. Surry to Bula S. Surry.

•Nash E. Querry to Melissa K. and Chad E. Querry.

•Nermeen A. Chrifi-Alaoui to Zineb Soughi and Hafid Chrifi-Alaoui.

•Neymar R. Pineda to Lourdes R. Oliva and Miguel G. Oliva Pozuelos.

•Niangdim C. Thang to Ma Leit and Maung P. Thang.

•Noah J. Flamme to Jennifer S. and Anthony B. Flamme.

•Noah N. Lamb to Felicia B. and Michael E. Lamb.

•Noah T. Hicov to Lauren M. Thomas and Michael T. Hicov.

•Noel A. Koehl to Mary C. Koehl.

•Olive S. Raypole to Anita M. and Neil C. Raypole.

•Oliver M. Clouse to Erin K. and Shane D. Clouse.

•Olivia S. Rhodes to Christine N. and David L. Rhodes Jr.

•Owen E. Cain to Dara J. Aldrich and Malcolm Z. Cain.

•Owen S. Klaus to Ellen K. and Scott R. Klaus.

•Preston C. Finkhouse to Tonya M. Mattingly and Brian J. Finkhouse.

•Raiden L. Arnold to Ashley C. Arnold.

•Reese D. Loraine to Rachel E. and Douglas M. Loraine.

•Remy E. Camacho to Evelyn Camacho.

•Romana Be to El Ngae Pyo and Win Ko.

•Rosa Thein to Paw Reh and Thein D. Kyi.

•Ruby L. Verslype to Samantha S. and Michael J. Verslylpe.

•Ryley J. Cappelli to Caylie A. and Kevin M. Cappelli.

•Sa He Da Be to Har Bar and Ha Sein.

•Sami O. Lar to Twar H. Dar and Ar P. Lay.

•Sana'a D. Woods to April E. Fann and Spencer D. Woods.

•Sandra Maung to Tin San and Aik Maung.

•Sheima-Haoua A. Nokour to Achta B. Moussa and Abakar I. Nokour.

•Sincere S. McAfee to Sierra S. McAfee.

•Skye A. Miller to Victoria M. Miller.

•Skye' M. Stalling to Ashley M. Stalling.

•Skylar J. George to Justine C. and Steven F. George.

•Sophia M. Puckett to Tamara R. Kohrman and Christopher M. Puckett.

•Symon A. Phongkhammeung to Shannon T. Kinsella and Souvanh Phongkhammeung.

•Talwyn V. Atkins to Robin K. and Jonathan C. Atkins.

•Timothy E. Brough to April M. and David A. Brough.

•Tomas Vasquez Jr. to Jesusita Susan M. McCagg and Tomas Vasquez Sr.

•Tryphaena A. Hpay to Ba S. Gay and Mya Hpay.

•Tyler B. Johnson to Jennifer L. and David B. Johnson.

•Vincent C. Acuff to Jessica M. and Martel R. Acuff.

•Wesley A. Applegate to Shelby A. Applegate.

•Yaneli J. Macias to Azucena J. Macias.

•Yasmin Be to June M. Be.

•Zeke M. Vitug to Rachel G. and Chaz E. Vitug.