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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014 06:45 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. I am not from Fort Wayne. I moved here because of work. Is everyone always this negative about your city? My family likes it here. … Enough of the negativity … . Embrace all that the “Fort” has to offer. Get off of your computer, and see what you have to offer.

You are against vaccinations for your kids because of what the insert says. Have you read the insert for aspirin, or how about cough syrup? Both of these can cause blindness and death. … Everything we take has side effects.

There was a person who ranted saying they would marry their dog if it could do all tasks and chores in the home. If you expected your significant other to be your servant like that, you would be treating them like a dog, so go for it.

To the misinformed ranter complaining about City Utilities. Give me a break. You have unlimited clean water, your leaves get picked up, your streets get plowed. When you go No. 2, it just magically disappears. These people work their tails off.

Here we go again, Fort Wayne showing how dumb we are. During a local TV report on the closing of a restaurant, they showed the Board of Health sign taped to the front door. There, in big, bold letters, was the reason: “Cock Roachs.”

During cold and flu season, it would be helpful if a certain big box store southwest would keep their sanitizing cart wipes available. They … won't restock the wipes near the carts when they are most needed. Watching people wipe their nose with their hand and push their cart is gross.

You know who you are. You stopped your van at Kroger Georgetown and offered me “$40 worth of food stamps for $20.” I didn't take them and, unfortunately, I didn't get your license plate number as you drove off. You are using my tax money in a fraudulent way.

What is wrong with NASCAR? So it rains. Why not put rain tires on the cars like European races and keep going? Went to a Daytona 500 party and nothing happened. The hostess was devastated that everyone left early. … Must be a southern thing, just like snow in Atlanta, and everybody freaks out.

I am new to sports. I got tired of sitting by myself. Now I yell at basketball players … and scream at curling. No, they said that in golf and bowling we had to be quiet. OK, but then why do they fight in hockey and not get in trouble?

Here come the primaries. When all Democrats vote Republican because of Indiana's outdated laws. What bottom-tier candidate can we get to win the Republican primary this year? Then we can win on our side during the general election. … Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun.

I'm sick of hearing people complain about the potholes. If they want them fixed, they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, take responsibility for their lives and go fix them themselves. America is not a socialist country!

As a small-business owner, I should be able to exercise my religious freedom and refuse service to any rich person who isn't riding a camel that can fit through the eye of a needle.

Why are products that are manufactured in foreign countries by workers making less than the American minimum wage allowed to be sold in the U.S.?

Why are children legally allowed to consume food or drinks that contain caffeine or added sugar?

It's an absolute outrage that the U.S. government doesn't consider the KKK a terrorist organization.

Typical middle-class Republican voters are so uninformed that they don't even realize that their wealthy heroes view them as undeserving.

Trickle-down economics has been a dismal failure for everyone except a select few. It's time for trickle-up economics. It's time for a dramatic increase in the minimum wage.

TV sitcoms and dramas are corporate propaganda designed to legitimize shallow, selfish people who couldn't care less about the plight of the poor and oppressed.

Is it possible to be a decent person and believe that certain groups of people have rights that were recently just discovered in the Constitution? These (gay) rights were created out of thin air with the help of liberal judges. Decency does not apply to the gay agenda.

Is anyone surprised that Obamacare isn't doing as well as they thought? … Stupid.

President Obama might just beat former President Carter in the ratings. Mercy!

To the ranter who complained about pickup truck “cowboys” – sorry that your Asian import has to poke along and hold up those of us who are able to drive safely at a normal speed with vehicles designed to drive in the snow. Maybe you should move to Florida.

Without strong voices of liberal reason in America, the religious right would attempt to impose their quasi-Christian version of Sharia Law.

If they can add an extra hour at the end of the day to help make up for the lost snow days, why don't the two-hour delays also affect the number of school days?

It seems ironic that the sitting president of the late 1990s who lied under oath to Congress is now the campaign champion for the Democratic party.

When either … (local cable TV providers) gives an option to pay for only those channels I watch or listen to, that will be the cable provider I use. Why should I pay for 225 channels when I only watch or listen to, at most, 15?

Now Eric Holder tells state attorneys general they can choose not to … (defend) gay (marriage ban) laws on the books and in state constitutions. What a lawless nation Obamaland has become. To hell with your oath to uphold the law until changed in a lawful manner.

If an Obama appointee cuts our military to the point we need a draft in case of a major conflict with our good friends the North Koreans and Iran, my sons will be there to serve. Right behind the Obama daughters.

During a complete fair weather outage of all of (a local cable TV and Internet provider's) services, I had to call them on my cellphone. The recorded message said there was an outage and, for … updates, go to … (their website). Huh? How can I … when my Internet is down?

Why do I still have to turn down the volume when TV commercials come on? Or have the TV stations merely turned down all regular programming; thereby the viewer still gets blasted out of the room during commercials?

It's almost NCAA bracket time. Don't waste your picks on any Big Ten team. The league has been saddled by some of the worst officiating ever. These teams will fail as soon as they are reffed by better officials. Sweet 16, maybe one team. … The Big Ten deserves better officiating.

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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