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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 05:15 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Did you see the sign at a south-side ice cream shop. It is advertising “grilleed” cheese. Yes, that is how they spelled it.

Claiming to be a military veteran and taking the public's money is or should be a Class 1 felony. Jail them! — A real veteran's opinion.

Gays already have the same rights to privacy as everyone else. Forcing the indecent gay agenda on everyone else is disrespectful and thus bigoted.

You got rid of the unions, which in turn means that you got rid of the pensions. Your 401(k) is so underfunded that you will have to work until you are (age) 80. … You brought this on yourself; quit complaining about your fixed income not being enough.

Everyone knows that there is global change; the ice age is gone, the prehistoric animals are gone, continents are continuing to shift! Do we have to blame all of this on 20th-century knowledge learned by man? Can we accept the fact we are unable to control nature?

Those who believe in (human-caused) climate change should not be allowed to have authority over anything or anyone.

What? How could students diss their heritage. Your grandparents would be ashamed. That is where roots are from, soul cooking, Commanders Palace, New Orleans and the like. To object to soul food for Black History Month? Is like taking Jesus out of Christmas. … Respect your elders and your identity.

It's too bad some television shows (“House,” “Orange County Chopper,” “Earthquake Carz,” etc.) show adults bullying their subordinates and getting away with it. If anything, these shows only promote bullying, and it's no wonder we have such a problem with kids bullying other kids these days!

Dear Vladimir (Putin of Russia), Your moves are troubling. We are closely monitoring the situation. We need a continuing dialogue. Sincerely, your community organizer. (Brilliant, eh?)

To those who worry about gay marriage leading to plural marriage, marriage to relatives or animals, etc.: The slippery slope works both ways. If Republicans in some state succeed in legislating people the right to deny services to gay people based on sincerely held religious beliefs, what's next?

Plain and simple, there is X amount of power in the world. Give up some power, and some other country will snap it up. President Obama has weakened the U.S. and strengthened our foes. Russia is acting boldly in Ukraine. China is throwing its weight around in Japan.

We owe Russia $139 billion, and talk about imposing economic sanctions against them. They'll dump our bonds in a flash. A country that is financially bankrupt has no power.

A crisis in Ukraine emerges: The standard, brainless Democratic response is to throw money at it. Loan Ukraine $1 billion. Putin will ask, “Can I get $3 billion if I invade Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania?”

Make the U.S. a superpower again. Putin for president in 2016!

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