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Letter to the editor: How quickly we forget about the ‘few, proud’

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 12:01 am

I came from a generation that watched movies like “The Green Berets,” “Pork Chop Hill,” “Midway,” and “Patton,” and we were filled with pride and a sense of nobility.

We were raised on inspiring slogans like “Uncle Sam Wants You,” “Be All You Can Be,” “The Few and The Proud” and “An Army of One.” Now the ads feature family members crying while asking us to remember the promises made to the wounded, the broken and the forgotten.

How quickly we forget and how easily charlatans trade upon their misery. We use them for photo ops and sales gimmicks. Like fine china, we trot them out for special occasions. We salute them in a grand manner and say, “It’s great to see you’re back.” And when it comes to showing our appreciation for your service and sacrifice we will stop at “nothing,” nothing being the operative .

Then it becomes very obvious they would like to see your back, as you quietly leave.

David John