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Letter to the editor: Never point a gun at any person, period

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:43 am

As many of us try to and would like to make the world a safer place through awareness and education on gun safety, I was appalled at the front-page picture in the Journal Gazette on March 7. Auburn Mayor Norm Yoder appears to be pointing a Thompson submachine gun at FBI special agent Robert Allen Jones’s head and with his finger on the trigger no less.

Gun safety Rule No. 1: Never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to shoot them.

No matter how old the gun, or whether you think the gun is loaded or not. A lot of people have been shot and killed with a gun that was “unloaded.” One bullet could be in the chamber.

Even if you see there are no bullets and the chamber is open and clear, you still make sure the barrel never is in line with anyone.

Roger Lindley