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Letter to the editor: Small business can’t afford HIT premiums

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 9:41 am

As the owner and operator of Auburn Bowl for years, I know that being a part of the community is a critical piece of being a small business. I have one full-time and eight part-time employees and there are also charities and causes in the local area I would like to support.

However, if the money isn’t there, I have no way to contribute. With changes coming down the line from health care reform, I am particularly worried about the health insurance tax that is to be implemented this year. If it isn’t stopped, it will hurt many small businesses throughout Indiana and the entire country.

The tax is designed to collect over $100 billion from insurers over the next decade, but this will be merely passed on to small businesses and self-employed Americans. The HIT will be absolutely cost-prohibitive, dissuading employers from offering insurance and forcing some to freeze hiring and only keep part-time staff. From what I know of this cumbersome law, it isn’t fair to make small businesses pay an additional $55 per person in premiums every year.

If Congress doesn’t pass the Jobs and Premium Protection Act, the HIT will become law, and the small businesses are the ones on the ground that will feel the full force of this plan. Congress must repeal the HIT before it can do damage to the country’s small-business sector and the entire economy.

Chris Toyias, Auburn