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"Old Man Winter' was robbed of his well-deserved record in total snowfall

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 12:01 am

What a winter we have had!

With each new snowfall, anticipation of the record rose to momentous proportions. It was truly the talk of the town. After a number of mediocre winters, “Old Man Winter” was making a comeback. It was exciting thinking that a record could be set. Then on Feb. 24, I heard that winter was defined as December, January and February.

This decision was made by a group I never heard of called the Meteorological Society. Although this perplexed me since I thought winter was from Dec. 20 to March 20, I let it go and increased my support for “Old Man Winter” to set a record.

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, the National Weather Service announced that a significant snowfall was headed toward Fort Wayne and would arrive on Saturday, March 1. Even though the weather service is rarely wrong, I hoped this time it was. But no snow fell on Friday and “Old Man Winter” missed the record by some 2 inches.

What a shame, as on Saturday we received almost 4 inches of snow. After a couple of days feeling sad for “Old Man Winter,” I found myself getting mad about this situation. Why does snowfall only count during December, January and February? Why does it skip from one year to another? If a record was set would it have been for 2013 or 2014? What about all the snow that falls during the other nine months? Does it count for nothing or does this secret group called the Meteorological Society just record it as rain?

And lastly, why does “Old Man Winter” receive this unfair treatment? Where as Mr. Rain, Miss Temperature and Mr. Global Warming are treated in a much better way? Mr. Rain gets the whole year for its record. Miss Temperature gets every day of the year and has two records for each day.

If we treated these two like “Old Man Winter,” Mr. Rain would only get spring (March, April, May) and Miss Temperature would only get summer, (June, July and August). The only answer to this obvious unfairness is that these two have blackmailed the Meteorological Society.

I am sick of this injustice. Congress should appoint a special committee to find out what is going on. Heads should roll and this society should be eliminated.

In closing, “Old Man Winter” was robbed of a record and even why it was so-called. “Mr. Global Warming” came forward and took full credit for all the snow and cold.

Upon hearing this, “Old Man Winter” shed tears of snow, but they didn’t count because it was in March. Dignity to “Old Man Winter.”

J. Fred Tone is a retired principal and president of Restore.