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Letter to the editor: Discrimination was once a good thing

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 12:01 am

Back in the days of my youth, “discrimination” was a virtue. Discriminating people were discerning, careful, prudent and judicious. They could see differences between individuals and drew conclusions based on accurate observation, common sense and traditional morality. Neighbors, friends and relatives learned to trust their judgment.

Today, “discrimination” is politically incorrect, antisocial and largely illegal. Discriminating people are discriminatory, biased, unjust and unwise. They are supposedly prejudiced against members of a gender, race, party, religion or special interest group, regardless of individual characteristics or behavior. The mainstream regards them as a racist, evil and largely criminal.

“Discrimination” is another of those terms like equality, justice, freedom and liberty that have been dumbed down or degraded to meet the needs of racial and ideological activists and political and religious fanatics in their ongoing battle to transform America into a one-world, socialist dictatorship.

If we let them control the vocabulary, they will ultimately win the debate. They know that. But do we?

John Ribar