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So little to say, so much air time to fill

Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 12:01 am

There must be some CNN staffers who hope the mystery of Flight MH370 is never solved. Since the cable news network began covering the story of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane almost nonstop, it has actually retrieved some of the viewers who had fled to other networks. Since the beginning of the coverage, the network has grown 68 percent in total viewers.

For the second week, the mystery of the missing flight dominated the news everywhere, even though there was no real information to report and wilder and wilder speculation about what might have happened. Since no wreckage has been found, we are free to let our imaginations run wild. The winner in the speculation derby may be CNN anchor Don Lemon, who asked a panel of experts, “Is it preposterous to consider a black hole was involved?”

Closer to reality, investigators narrowed their search area to an area off the coast of Australia after American and British aviation officials refined satellite signals and created two possible flight paths. Late in the week, Australia published grainy satellite images of two large objects bobbing in the ocean and 1,500 miles southwest of Perth, calling it the most credible lead yet. Experts stressed that the remoteness of the region and the roughness of the weather will make it very difficult to find the objects.

But the search will go on, as will the speculation. Stay tuned for reports that a UFO escorted the plane to the Andromeda galaxy.