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Letter to the editor: Pipeline safest option

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 12:01 am

A response to Francis Frellick’s March 13 letter, “Another oil pipeline just adds to the problem”:

The new pipeline itself provides a safer method of transporting the “black gold” versus alternative transports of rail or highway. The oil being transported is already above ground and will be consumed one way or another, and in some location on the planet.

It’s generally accepted that other countries such China, India, Brazil, etc., cause greater air pollution from their industrial use of coal and oil due to outdated technology. That being the case, I will argue that consuming these hydrocarbons in the U.S at a higher efficiency level is the cleanest way to utilize this valuable fuel.

Being a “naysayer” of global warming, I believe the creator included the coal and oil initially for mankind’s benefit.

Until global warming disciples/advocates can put a number on the percentage contribution volcanoes have made to the atmosphere’s pollution, there’s no way to compute the contribution from human activity.

Paul Fry