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Letter to the editor: It's sin, not skin

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 12:01 am

The dictionary defines discrimination as the ability to understand one thing is different from another thing. Gay rights are not civil rights. Civil rights are about skin color and ethnicity, something no one can choose.

Gay rights is a false belief that society must accept any chosen sexual behaviors and lifestyles despite any chaos, confusion and damage caused by those choices. When society rightly rejects this ideology, a cry of discrimination is sounded. Why would any healthy society welcome chaos and confusion that will lead to its own destruction? Evidence social media’s new gender-neutral rhetoric Mx instead of Mr. or Mrs.

Discrimination is practiced by law enforcement against criminals to keep us safe. Doctors use it against diseased cells versus healthy cells. The idea individual behaviors have no effect on society is false. Most individuals choose to uphold society’s moral values as positive role models for children and adults. LGBTs choose to ignore spiritual laws, redefine society’s values and become negative role models. We must love people but hate behaviors that damage society. Example: behaviors that fueled the AIDS epidemic.

America’s lack of understanding of how sin impacts society is a real and present danger. “Legalizing sin” in the form of same-sex marriage/homosexuality, or any sin (adultery, murder, etc.), quickly moves society toward collapse and guarantees more evils will follow. Ignoring God’s laws, redefining his sacred institution of marriage, the spiritual union between one man and one woman, opens doors for evils to multiply. Consequently, expect more drought, floods, senseless road rage, failure on the battlefield and school violence (prayer was taken out, guns and evil have moved in). We waste time being politically correct instead of connecting the spiritual dots in headlines against biblical references. Corporate money cannot convert wrong into right.

Irving Thomas