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Choice Designs Inc. is on the move

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Address: 3223 Carroll Road

Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday–Friday;
10 a.m. –3:00 p.m. Saturday;

Phone: 490-6393

Tagline: Your comfort is the ultimate luxury

The family-owned business has turned a warehouse at 3223 Carroll Road into a designer showroom.

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 6:45 am

Choice Designs Inc., plans a grand opening after turning a warehouse space into its new designer showroom to showcase its new line of HGTV furniture.

The business has moved to 3223 Carroll Road behind the Shiloh near Carroll High School and the grand opening is scheduled for April 16 for the locally owned, interior design firm specializing in residential and light commercial design projects.

“We moved out here in December and have spent the last several weeks turning this incredibly large warehouse into a designer showroom. The new showroom is approximately 12,000 square feet with 35,000 square feet of warehouse space,” said Jennifer Ford, showroom manager.

Ford is the daughter of owner and founder Carma Reincke. Choice Designs, is a family-run business that's been serving northeast Indiana for 33 years.

One thing prompting the move to a larger facility was the collaboration with HGTV and the business's decision to expand into furniture.

“We talked with them and they were really excited about having a designer showroom in northeastern Indiana. Because we have the HGTV furniture line we needed a bigger area to show off larger dining room vignettes and the expanding furniture line,” said Ford.

Featured HGTV items include full bedroom suites; dining room sets; chairs; occasional tables and sofas.

“Everything you would expect for your home,” she said.

Besides finding the perfect piece, Choice Designs, can help with ideas during a remodel or, even when it is time to sell a house.

“Remodeling is one of the largest portions of our business. So many people call us and just need a little bit of guidance on a kitchen remodel or a bath remodel even a room addition. People ask us about tearing out carpeting and installing hardwood floors that are so popular now, We really work in the capacity of a general contractor in so many of these cases,” said Ford.

Customers are able to come out and choose lighting options; floors; kitchen countertops; cabinets. "This is really a remodel one-stop shop. Instead of having to go all over town we put it all together for you," she said.

The larger space also enables Choice Designs to store furniture meant to assist home-sellers to highlight the best features of their homes to prospective buyers.

“We have a lot of furniture we keep to rotate out to different homes,” said Ford.

Conversely, something that doesn't take up a lot of space at the new location is Creative Cases. The “design-in-a-box” approach to interior design.

“We were the first to be able to bring it to Indiana. We know a lot of young professionals are a little bit intimidated by getting an interior designer,” said Ford.

With Creative Cases customers upload a picture of their room and all of the measurements to the business's website. "Our designers will create a computer-generated, 3-D walk-through style room," she said.

"Then we send a booklet with suggestions from our furniture lines and ideas from rugs to artwork and mirrors. Additionally, we will send them a box full of fabric and carpet samples; window treatment options and paint chips," said Ford.

"Once they get the box they can call us and say, 'Yeah, put this into practice.' Or, they have all the tools they need if they want to do it themselves," she said.

“At $300, it is a low-maintenance way to get interior design opinions on one room you would like to change. It's a way for people who like to do projects themselves. We basically put it all together,” said Ford.

Choice Designs has 10 licensed, interior designers.

“So many of our clients are really getting that expectation that they would like to see what their completed room is going to look like before they commit to a remodel project. We have three designers on staff who create 3-D walk-throughs and models of rooms on a computer before we send the contractor out to rip up floors,” said Ford.

The larger showroom provides space for extending invitations to people who want more information about the design process.

“It gives us more space for lectures. We expect to have different women's groups coming in for informational lectures on how to pick a paint color; or how to design with accessories or, what are the latest trends you want to add in your home for the lowest price,” she said.

Besides inviting people in, Choice Designs is reaching out to the community in more ways than one.

Upcoming community events include:

Tapestry: A Day for You on April 25

The Sofa Show on May 1

Tapestry is at Memorial Coliseum. Choice Designs is scheduled to present options for one of the busiest rooms in the home.

“We are really going to focus on your kitchen. So many people have questions on: Whether they should redo their cabinets; what to add in the dining room; how to use under lighting; how to create a mood or atmosphere; what are the latest kitchen gadgets that people need,” said Ford.

The Sofa Show is scheduled for May 1 at the company's Carroll Road showroom. Show Hours are 6- 9 p.m. and extend through the weekend during regular business hours.

Working with Artlink, Choice Designs handed out fabric samples to local artists.

“We actually have local artists creating original artwork for our couches. One of the things artists absolutely hate is when people say, 'Well, I like your artwork but I don't know if it goes with my couch,'” she said.

People will be able to come in and support local artists while finding artwork designed to match our furniture, she said.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go to Artlink. While a portion of the proceeds from the sale of furniture and accessories will go to the Center for Nonviolence, said Ford.

Additionally, the Shiloh is catering The Sofa Show at a Barbeque and Bourbon Night expected to feature a variety of barbequed meats and specialty drinks.

Finally, Choice Designs has expanded in to the light commercial arena over the last five years. Offices belonging to various professionals including: accountants doctors and lawyers display their interior design touches.

“This is a full-service interior design studio,” said Ford.