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Letter to the editor: Teen's death too high a price for us not to act

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 12:01 am

Recently another Hoosier child was taken from us: 17-year-old Haley Nellum was killed when, after hours of alcohol consumption at Corner Pocket in Fort Wayne, two men shot at each other, fled the scene and one collided with her. I believe that while the family, schoolmates and friends grieve it’s time for the community to change this, for this is too high a price to pay.

This weekend in Fort Wayne, the Corner Pocket, alcohol distributors and other vendors made over $5,000 pandering mass consumption that killed our child. I ask the Corner Pocket to shut down until it can assert people are not entering it with weapons. I ask the Fort Wayne Police Department to inspect the staff to ensure proper licensing was in place at the time of the incident, and I ask the Indiana State ATC to please review the security measures at the facility. Fort Wayne media, please share what BAC the drivers were driving under.

Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department, please consider responding to this locations complaint as this is a critical violation of the establishment and beginning your process of ensuring all food and drink (including alcohol) specific of this establishment is reviewed and the imminent health hazard is removed.

Brian Thornton