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Letter to the editor: Ellie Bogue good reason to subscribe

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 12:01 am

I'm not sure how long Ellie Bogue has been working for The News-Sentinel, but I do know that she was initially hired as a photographer who always managed to “capture” impressive images. What a pleasure it was to have met her in 2010 when her job description was expanded to include both reporting and taking pictures. Not only is she a talented newspaper employee, but she has encouraged and inspired many students at IPFW who were fortunate enough to benefit from her expertise.

Her article about Lisa Bordner, former manager of NEIRRS (April 11), was just another example of what a good job Ellie does. Although Lisa had already vacated her position and was in the middle of packing to relocate to California, Ellie pursued the story and treated News-Sentinel readers to an article that highlighted the accomplishments of a person who will be truly missed.

If you missed some of Ellie's articles, go to The News-Sentinel website ( and do a search for Ellie Bogue; there you'll be treated to 3,346 articles and photos. Thank you, Ellie, for all your hard work and for being a reason why I subscribe to the N-S!

Joan Garman