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Tip of the hat

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 12:01 am

On behalf of everyone at Junior Achievement, thank you to the 12 IPFW students who spent their Saturday morning with us during their Big Event on March 29. We had a great group of volunteers who helped us rebuild materials for future volunteers, saving us a lot of time and money! Thank you for spending your morning helping us. We greatly appreciate it!

A tip of the hat to Joe Guin, my News-Sentinel carrier. I am handicapped, and he puts my paper in the handle of my storm door every night. God's blessings to you, Joe.

I would like to give “a tip of the hat” to Kathy of Papa Murphy's on Illinois Road. She gave an extra effort when I lost my Nook. She went to neighboring shops to see if they had possibly found it. It seems that it had fallen out of my car, and someone turned it in. Thank you, Kathy, for going the extra mile! Good job!

A big thank you to Lawnscape, who cleared our snow in Yardley Manor. You guys did an awesome job, and I truly appreciate it! You have the most respectful people working for you. I never missed a day of work! Thank you!

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