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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Heuer a candidate who would trade her integrity for a chance at victory

Connie Kovas Moreno
Connie Kovas Moreno
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Friday, April 25, 2014 12:01 am
Ten days ago I received a phone call.“Hello. We're conducting a poll among Indiana voters and wondered if you'd have a few minutes to answer a couple of questions?”

“Sure go ahead,” I said feeling sympathy for the young telemarketer on the other end of the line.

First question: “Would you say you usually vote Republican?” (Obviously there is no secret ballot these metadata days.) “Yes, usually,” I replied.

Next: “Are you in favor of unions?”

“Are we talking public sector or private sector?” I volleyed back. “I don't recall seeing any condemnation of the UAW when the Republican politicians of Allen County were courting GM.”

The question itself presented a problem for me. I now knew this was not a neutral survey. It was a wily, push-pull call from Kathy Heuer's campaign designed to drive a dagger into the heart of her primary opposition, Christopher Judy, a Republican who happens to be a union member. The same Christopher Judy who served as a combat medic in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard. The man who works third shift building trucks at the Fort Wayne GM Assembly and still finds the time to knock on a hundred doors each day because he loves America and wishes to preserve liberty for the next generation.

Contrast his commitment with the incumbent who solicits votes behind the curtain through glossy mailings, costly radio ads and large yard signs paid for by her lobbyist masters. The same Kathy Heuer who campaigns as a conservative yet refuses to attend town hall meetings with her conservative constituents.

The survey continued: “Do you support or oppose Common Core?”

I promise you I had the sneaking suspicion that regardless of how I answered that question, the interviewer would tell me “Kathy Heuer agrees.” This call was beginning to resemble one of those “pick-a-path” adventure books my kids used to read, the ones where the outcome is determined by the choices.

But I played on. “No, I strongly oppose Common Core, which I truly do believe is the federal government's complete takeover of our local schools.”

Right on cue, reading from her script, the telemarketer responded, “Kathy agrees with you, and you'll be pleased to know that just two weeks ago she voted to abolish the Common Core standards in Indiana.”

I just about lost it.

“That statement is so misleading,” I countered. “Heuer has never stood against Common Core. Look at her record. Last year she voted to fast-track Common Core, and now you're telling me she's opposed to it? Indiana may have pulled out of Common Core, which makes for great headlines and provides cover for baby-kissers, but in actuality, those who are informed will tell you it's 'full course ahead' for Common Core as the committee charged with developing new Indiana standards is stacked with CC advocates. For Kathy Heuer to leave the impression that she opposes Common Core is just wrong.”

I knew my indignation fell on deaf ears. The telemarketer had no chips is the game. She wasn't a campaign volunteer, just a hired gun.

Knowing that Common Core is ground zero in the campaign, I was alarmed at Heuer's misrepresentation to the public and a little heartsick for a state rep who would trade her integrity for a chance at victory.

“Just one more question,” the pollster cajoled. “Are you pro-life or pro-choice?”

By now dear reader, you know where this is going.

Still I couldn't resist. So I reminded the caller that though Heuer has never actually been put to the test on the issue of life, she did cast a vote against HJR3, ignoring the pleas from hundreds and hundreds of her neighbors and friends who begged for her support.

“Strange how a conservative who attests that life begins at conception is not willing to defend traditional marriage between a man and a woman.”

There was a pause. “Now I have a question for you,” I said. “Aren't you going to ask me who I'm voting for?”

Another long pause. And then I answered my own question, “Christopher Judy, of course.”


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