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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Letter to the editor: Some thoughts on insurance and judges

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Friday, May 02, 2014 12:01 am
To the people out there who are asking how are they going to have insurance when they cannot afford it, I would also like to know.How can a homeless person, poor people with no jobs, people on welfare, afford it? How can incarcerated people pay for it? I am curious to know how people can afford to pay for more taxes when they are taxed. Every time you turn around the city, state and government want more money.

It would be nice if the city, county, state and federal governments would help us all out by saving us from falling on our faces and losing everything that we have fought for. It would be nice if there were more caring people who were willing to help the needy, poor, ill, etc. Yes, instead of seeing how you can punish them by taxing them, increasing costs of everything, having them foreclose on their homes lose everything all because of the word “greed.”

If the president wanted us all to have insurance, then why did he not have the government pay for our insurance from the tax money that all of us paid? Enough of being taxed. Enough of coming up with programs that are costing us money that we do not need. Enough of the bullying tactics. Please do not try and pull the wool over our eyes as we are not ignorant.

With the upcoming election, I would also like the judges who were running again for the court to tell us where they stand and how the programs that they represent helps us taxpayers and the inmates. Have them tell us how much the programs cost and tell us who they expect to pay for these programs and how long are these programs to run. Who benefits from them?

It is well known that all the money that they received goes to pay for the judicial system, the state, etc.

I am for the judge who listens to both sides, who does not guess if he has no evidence and finds the party guilty when, in fact, there was no evidence. When the lawyer tells his client there was no evidence and there was no way to prove that there was evidence by police, or doctors. Then they should find the defendant not guilty instead of presuming that they were. Please, please take your time and think before you ruin someone’s life. Read every letter that you receive and think the matter over. Talk to both parties and do not discriminate. Everyone is equal until proved guilty.

I know that days are long to judges and they get tired. I know that juries want to be home instead of being in court, but please remember that it can be you in court fighting for yourself.

I still would like to have the re-entry program published so that I and everyone that is interested can find out what it is for and to whom does it benefit. Why hide the program from the public? If you want our vote then tell us all about your program and who has to pay for it and where the money goes.

Joan Busche



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