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Letter to the editor: Bonuses to IRS employees? Really?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 12:01 am

Can you please confirm to us that none of our hard-earned tax dollars are going to the bonuses of the employees of the IRS who have not paid their taxes?

What private enterprise gives bonuses to almost 70 percent of their employees? That’s not a bonus; that becomes part of the base compensation. How is that an incentive?

Is there no intelligence in Congress? How about ethics or morality? Or even just simple fairness? Why have these deadbeats not been fired? How dare they look at and judge us and our taxes?

Apparently IRS employees can’t be fired, but you sure can. If we don’t see some significant action (and that does not mean another “boiler plate email”) then we will be looking for new representatives and senators in November.

Bruce Cynar