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Cheap Shots: Jim Brown, God and the NCAA

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Also, for a mere $1,300, you could gaze at Tommy John's elbow forever

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 7:58 am

NFL legend Jim Brown had some harsh words for college sports' governing body at a fan fest for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “The NCAA is probably the most reprehensible organization God ever created,” Brown said. In a press release shortly after the statement, representatives for God clarified that the Almighty is, and always has been, an NAIA supporter.

Beauty of elbow in eye of beholder

Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Tommy John, the namesake of “Tommy John surgery,” is selling autographed MRIs of his elbow for charity. The prints, also autographed by the late Dr. Frank Jobe, cost $1,295 apiece. Just think, you could be on the cutting edge of the newest craze, ligament art.

Catch and release

Florida State's Jameis Winston was reinstated to the baseball team five days after being cited for shoplifting crab legs and crawfish. He performed his 20 hours of community service quickly. This whole thing just smells fishy to me.

Don't get him stirred up

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant will win the NBA's MVP award next week, sources told ESPN. This is bad news for the Brooklyn Nets. Not because they have an MVP candidate, but because LeBron James is going to get irritated right in the middle of their playoff series.

BIL of POTUS out

Oregon State has fired men's basketball coach Craig Robinson, the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama, after a 16-16 season. He will receive a buyout of $4 million, which is 10 times more than the president's salary, but to paraphrase Babe Ruth, Robinson did have a better year.

Not ready for 'Wheel of Fortune'

Cleveland Browns defensive back Donte Whitner has apparently abandoned his idea of legally changing his last name to Hitner. “It's a lot of paperwork for one letter,” he said. So, then, when the gimmicky name change going gets tough, the tough get going on blaming paperwork.

Montreal Canine-iens

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price sent out a tweet to report his two Labrador retrievers had gone missing. The dogs were found by a local resident and returned to Price, who gave the finder an autographed stick. But the age-old question still remains unanswered: Who let the dogs out?

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